Thursday, March 26, 2009

And We Have Turkeys!!!

They arrived this morning. They are Midget White breed. The toms are suppose to dress out at around 18-20 pounds and we can raise babies from these guys and gals for next year instead of paying lots of $$ for a few!
They are little Kamikazi turkeys!!! I would put one in the cage and it would run and try to fit through the wire. Or run back under my hand out of the cage!!! The pictures aren't very good my Camera is messing up. Turkeys aren't the smartest poultry you can buy for sure.. If handled more when smaller from about 4 weeks on I have found they can be extremely friendly..
When my girls were little my mom had a hen that would follow them around the yard. Where ever they were playing there she would be even in the sand box. They would put their arm around her and she would lean against them. It was so cute!! Unfortunately a raccoon got her on night..
Then there was Tom the Bourbon Red she had last year. He loved us to much. He would dance and drum all around the cars too. It was hilarious!! You honk the horn and he would make all the more noise.. He was being chased by some dogs one day and had flown up in a tree. My mom went out and called to him and he Flew into her arms. He was neat turkey and so pretty. And No we didn't eat him. She had gotten Bourbon reds to raise and sell. He sold for $30 by him self. The hens went for more.

This is the new camera I am looking at.... Its a Kodak Easyshare Z1485. We will see. Its not to pricey buying straight from Kodak website.. Cheaper then Walmart and they don't even have this one.. Any opinions on Digital Cameras would be appreciated. What do you all use and like?

Interesting website I found the other day. Its talking about the US cities and weather.. Seeing how we live between Springfield and Columbia. Springfield is south of us and Columbia is north. I thought this was Really interesting and so very true.....

**Top 10 cities with most weather variety Based on temperature variation, precipitation, wind, severe weather
1. Springfield, Missouri
2. Topeka, Kansas
3. Rochester, Minnesota
4. Wichita, Kansas
5. Columbia, Missouri
6. Des Moines, Iowa
7. Lincoln, Nebraska
8. Madison, Wisconsin
9. Concordia, Kansas
10. Sioux City, Iowa

Top 10 Tornado prone cities Ranked by tornadoes per 1,000 miles
1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2. Tulsa, Oklahoma
3. Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas
4. Wichita, Kansas
5. Springfield, Missouri
6. Kansas City, Kansas / Missouri
7. Ft. Smith, Arkansas
8. Little Rock, Arkansas
9. Jackson, Mississippi
10. Birmingham, Alabama

This week alone it has been anywhere from the 70's and sunshine to 30's and rain! There is a possibility of SNOW this weekend. Up to 6 inches on the west side of the state or county was included in the winter weather advisory!!! SIX INCHES?!?!? In March?? Ahh well its happened before and I am sure it wont be the last time...

I lost another banty due to the chicks crowding each other. They are already running out of room. I removed the banties from the big cage. They are just so much smaller and were getting trampled to often I still have 21 banties. With the temps so up and down I go up and check on them and one time they are to hot and the next to cold I cant seem to find a happy medium. Of course with the way the outside temps are fluctuating its no wonder. They are drinking close to 10 gallons of water a day and we fill 7 feeders that hold almost 2 quarts of dry food every day. After this weekend of cold weather we will be moving them out with a wire top. Their feathers are coming in and they are trying to fly! So funny!

Some of my kid goats will be going to new homes the first of next month. When they are ready to be weaned they will be leaving. Its always tough to see them go but funds and space are not unlimited and I cant keep them all... Anna one of our LGD pups I had been letting her loose more often because she was being so good about not following Sam who has a tendency to wander more. When a storm hit the other day we watched her bring in all the goats and sheep into the barn and then she came into the garage!! lol She is not suppose to be in there but it was raining hard!! We were leaving for town and I thought well I will leave her for now and get her when I get home.....So we get home later in the afternoon. My oldest girl feeds the dogs and she goes out to feed them and No Anna... The other day she had gotten locked in the big barn by accident and spent the night in there... SO that was our first thought.. But still no Anna. Oldest girl walked the property calling for her. But she was just gone!! I was sick! She was doing so good and the only thing I could think is we live right here by the Humane Society and some one saw her down by the road and picked her up.... I even visited the Humane Society and let them know she was missing but they hadn't seen her. My oldest girl was in tears. She gets attached. I had pretty much given up because no one had seen her, not the neighbors, not anyone..

So we get up this morning and there she sat on the front porch. She was so happy to see us!! She is still a pup and I am thinking she went exploring to far and got caught some where in the rain and got lost.. What happened we probably wont ever know but I am glad she is back and back in the barn with the sheep and the goats.

We have the fire going again and its cold.. I am headed to bed. I hope everyone has a good night!


Evelyn said...

Yea.... Turkeys!! OMG... you had me scared about loosing Anna!
MO gets tornadoes at the edges of the state. I looked at a lot of weather maps for the last 100 yrs before I set off on my farm buying trip. MO had a big hole in the middle that didn't get tornadoes. Eastern MO is gonna be a sorry place in a few years, when the New Madrid fault moves, but where you are is pretty good! Extreme cold for a few years is well w/in the preditcions of the begining of Global Warming. The ice caps melting changes the weather patterns for the next 10-15 yrs. Then things get warm fast. In the meantime... high variability between summer & winter. I wouldn't be surprised to see drought this year or next. That 14 ft deep pond was near dry last winter.

tree ocean said...

I was wondering about the marbles in the waterers? Is that to keep them from tipping or the turkeys from drowning(which I have heard they will drown outside in a rainstorm-or is that a folktale?)

Also, I guess that means a coon might kill a goose-I was worried about our goose as a determined coon might be able to get in his house. But my book says coons eat small mammals, and geese and turkeys are good-sized.I lost a broody hen to a coon last year-although it was my neighbor that said it was a coon, that they know when the eggs are near hatching and probably the hen was defending the nest. Whatever it was just killed her and left her. I have had skunks drive hens off eggs too...had a nightmare about coyotes after my goats last night-glad Anna came home-maybe she was chasing something off-hopefully not off running with strays!

tree ocean said...

PS I liked your comment Evelyn, about checking the weather patterns before buying your piece-smart thinking-and also smart comment re: global climate change. :)

tree ocean said...

I use a Sony Cyber Shot which I wouldn't recommend-it was a handme down from my sister, so no complaints there! I think Warren at takes some great pix but not sure what he uses..his Macro shots are so clear and he even dropped his camera in a fountain and it still takes great pix!!! I want THAT! LOL

Gemini said...

I like Olympus FE-350. My friend has one and we take it everywhere and use it to take pics of everything. The only real problem was when two of the screw decided to come loose. Didn't hurt anything, it was just annoying. Anyways, she's had it for two or three years and it still works really well.

If you can, get a camera with a rechargeable battery pack rather than a camera with batteries you have to replace. We have a Kodak EasyShare C875, and because you have to replace the batteries, it gets so annoying especially when you want to take pics and there are no working batteries around.

And get a 7 or 8 megapixel camera if you can. They're better quality than the 3 & 4 megapixel cameras.