Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where to start.......

Okay I started Out all nice and organized but in the downloading of pics got messed up some where So I will just start with the top pic..... This is Iris The big bottle baby and a little boy born last night... More pics of him and his sister to follow!!
Dottie and her babies in a bucket.. Hey it seemed to be an ideal place to nap!!

Some of the newest babies from this morning. Twin buck and doe!! Girl is hiding under Mommas chin...

One of the Kelly's twin babies born last night!! A buck and a doe.. She is about the size of a pygmy and was bred by the Kiko buck! (was very nervous about this) She did great with to little tiny babies!!!

My Reg. Nubian April. She is a bit Wide....... LOL

Minerva waiting for me to walk up to the house so she can go into labor!!! Lol

Its just tough to stand on all 4 legs when you are only 10 minutes old.

Little baby compared to one of Saturday's triplets!!!

Awwwww Nice...... Warm...... SUN!!!

Babies in a bowl?? They were out!! I am sure it was warm from sitting in the sun.

Our little house goat!!!

Snuggled up to mom!!

Twin Boys born around noon today... 2nd born had a little trouble. His feet were getting stuck and his head was coming out. So I had to do a little repositioning but nothing like Saturday's tangled up mess...

Anna was keeping watch till we got there!! I am just so impressed with her after she got over her chicken stuff!!!

All dry and cleaned off..
Granny Sheep had her babies! Twin rams!! Big ole boys too!!!
It has been a busy day today.. Our little lap dogs came home from the vet after being spayed!! They couldn't believe I had left them Over night in a strange place!! Lol they were glad to be home and slept on the couch all day..
I found the first set of twins late last night when I got home from church. It was the little Kelly I was so worried about and she had them up and dry. They are only about 4 pounds a piece. then 2 of the Boers had their babies too. I have about 6 other that look like anytime SO I am going to get off of here and go check on them... If now babies come and gt as much sleep as possible So if they are dropping more babies tomorrow I will be up bright and early.... Good night everyone!


Evelyn said...

we allll love the baby pix!!
They are all so cute! I love the babies in the bucket idea. Nice & cozy. and the feederpan babies are cute as well. The one couldn't even get all the way in before he conked out. :) Kelly's babies are so cute, April is so glossy! I'll bet there's a hormone storm going on down in the barn & they'll just swarm you with babies. :D

tree ocean said...

Great pix! I admire how you post multi pix-mine always come up out of order and I get frustrated!

How is the triplet's Mom doing? Those little Boers are cute! Glad the small doe had an easy birthing!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Congrats on all the new babies! That paint Boer baby is pretty! They all are, but she caught my eye.

Anonymous said...

They're lovely and congrats Tonia!

~~~~~~Tonia said...

The babies in the bucket and the house baby are the triplets from Saturday. Mom and babies are doing good. I did have to give mom a round of antibiotics due to the fact that she had to have kids repositioned But I also gave her Vit C, B's and some herbs to help and she looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new kids!!!It's making me so anxious for my own LOL April,April,April;)