Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Day Is IT???

I feel like I am running in circles!! No pictures tonight..
I have 5 bottle babies. The youngest one is in the house right now the rest of the little pee pots got booted to the tarp barn next to the house with the milkers! Every 5 minutes I was mopping up goat pee!! Those boys pee like crazy! They peed twice as much as the girls!!
I lost a goat baby tonight. I didn't pay enough attention and thought he was eating but didn't make sure and I found him this afternoon very lethargic and cold. He died a little while ago. I felt bad because I should have made sure but I saw momma goat get him up to eat and him head that direction but never made sure. Well I guess he was so big and her udder being a little lower to the ground he never got down far enough to find the teat. Even though most do.
Its very cold here and my noses didn't get unthawed so I now have to drag them in to unthaw!! Oh yeah!!! I am so ready for warm weather and RAIN! No snow! All well we will get what we get I suppose.
I had a lady stop and ask if I had goat's milk for sale. She had heard from a friend that I had goats and might possibly have milk. Word of mouth is some of the fastest advertisement I have.. I have people asking for eggs and milk all the time. But I just don't have the animals to keep up with the demand. I tell them I am working on it and as soon as I have it I will let them know. I could forget everything else and just do eggs and milk and be set!! If I am milking that much though it would take all my time for sure because I milk by hand. Of course it takes less then 10 minutes per goat from start to finish except April my big Nubian she takes a little longer But she also has more milk. She gave over a half gallon of Colostrum and milk yesterday and I didn't even milk her out half way... Its so nice to have milk once again even though a big percentage goes tot he bottle babies we have at least a half a gallon a day to drink! Yum for sure!
I got to spend my afternoon in a Laundromat. Now doesn't that sound like fun?? Lol My washer had a spring mess up and the whole tub was leaning to the side. We ordered the spring and then our Appliance-man friend said its not the spring it was something else with the spring and it took a few minutes to fix and No Parts!! But before we found that out laundry had backed up to an unbelievable amount so I packed it all to the Laundromat where I spent 3 hours loading and unloading washers and dryers... I only had 16 loads...... After the bottle babies, 3 almost teen girls and its winter time which requires massive amounts of clothing!! So don't you know I just enjoyed myself so much!!
I stopped by my aunt and uncle who bought goats from me last year she had one she was worried about. It was fun to visit with her. The girls enjoyed the visit too.
I am hoping to get some seeds started tomorrow. I have the stuff but who knows my plans very rarely go how I think they should! Lol
I hope everyone has a good night!


Peggy said...

I know you must be pulling your hair out with all the bottle babies. Thank goodness we don't have any this year but I do remember last year and how crazy I was. Have a quiet weekend

Evelyn said...

Too sad about loosing the little boy, specially if he was a big one! Bummer about the washer, but at least you did get it taken care of. I'll see what I can do about sending you some warm SoCal sun!!

American Way Farm said...

Oh, so sorry about losing the little one. Hope you have a better weekend and get your washer fixed before the laundry piles too high again. -Sandy