Friday, February 27, 2009

We Survived!!!

The first wild spring storm!! The weather radio went off at about 6:30pm while we were doing chores and it said the storm and tornado was about 30 miles east of us and was moving fast!
I was in the middle of milking And Bottle feeding! Yep milking one handed and feeding with the other!! Everyone was high strung because of the storm and winds blowing. I had about 5 bottle babies at a time under my skirt trying to hide!! Kind of hard to move like that!!. The others were eating their alfalfa pellets and babies were nursing like crazy. Then the Sirens went off in town! Talk about total Chaos!! That's the first time they went off since we lived here. Talk about freaking out the goats! The main herd headed for the barn at a high rate of speed!! lol Kyle was feeding and watering everyone down there and I guess they were going crazy.
My girls were at my mom's so they were at the neighbor's basement house there. So I didn't have to worry about them. I am glad because they would have totally flipped out, poor country girls don't know about living so close to town! LOL The sirens would have raised anxiety levels for sure... I am sure we will hear them some more though.
I didn't know but this is called Tornado Week here in Missouri. I guess with the weather changes and all that we have more chances of Tornadoes. Oh Yeah!! On top of the winds we had about 2 inches of rain dumped in less than 20 minutes! Its was ankle deep in the front yard. And then the storm was gone!
We got about 5 different phone calls in less then 5 minutes of people worried about us. Its nice to be loved!LOL My MIL gets very emotional about it but that's okay I know she was just worried about us. It was a little heart racing crazy for a little bit and then over! But everything is okay. Only a little wind damage here and there. Shoooo. Its suppose to Snow Saturday! Yuck Yuck Yuck! lol And back to the 60's next week! I hope everyone has a good day!!


Evelyn said...

OMG! (said w/ the proper Valley Girl accent!)

I didn't know that about tornado week! We need to get that processing facility/guest house/root cellar/processing facility/storm cellar done! But... fencing first. :( I'm so hoping it can all get done in a year or two!
The tornado that took the roof off the storage facility down the road was late March? So, there's still time for one to renovate the pasture! :)

I'm glad everyone is safe!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I am so glad you guys are OK and didn't have much damage to the farm from the storm. This crazy back and forth weather I don't like. We have been having the same thing here, 60's one day, 30's and snow the next. The drastic changes in weather is not good for the animals either. I wish it would make up its mind! :)

tree ocean said...

Severe weather scares me! As you could tell from my post when I moved everyone downstairs the last storm! Glad it missed you~the tornado at least! We have rain coming tonight and snow for Sunday-it's those temp changes that help those storms build strength-stay safe!
ps loved the pig pix. :D

Evelyn said...

The Weather Channel is airing a program on tornados. Missouri spawned the worst tornado in history, The Tri-State Tornado. It started in MO, crossed the Mississippi to Ill & then continued to Ind. Over 600 people dead. Missouri ain't not light weight!
I guess they're running this program because of Tornado week. It is interestig. Take a look & see if they're running it near you. We gotta get that shelter (& everythingelseintheworld building) built! :O

Evelyn said...

I've been watching the weather channel this morning (for the last 4 hours anyway). You are dead center on the snow/sleet! Ur gonna get some weather fur shur!