Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rainy Day Activities!!

Here is what Kyle calls my Snake Oil Stash!!Lol.. I have more essential oils but these are some I use almost everyday. Peppermint, Lavender and Eucalyptus are added to the teat dip for the dairy goats. Its all combined with Almond oil and then I dip with it. If anyone is having issues like maybe being engorged right after little ones are born then I massage their udders with this and it helps relieve it along with frequent milking and heat.

I also put lavender in my wash water before I milk. One of the Dairy girls, April Loves the taste of Lavender and is constantly trying to carry off the wash jar! I buy these oils in a large quantity around tax time every year because they are not cheap but it will last almost all year..
I add them to cleaning solutions too. Makes the house smell good.

Here is the start of the cheese. You bring it to 185* shut it off and add vinegar, lemon or lime juice. It takes 1/4 cup to 1/2 gallon of milk. I use flavored vinegars. I either buy them like that or add stuff to the vinegar. When it separates into curds and whey you spoon the curd out into a colander lined with cheese cloth. When you have all the curds you tie it up and let it hang for 1-2 hours till it quits dripping. You will have a ball of white very bland cheese..

You chop it up in to small pieces and I add oil(olive or whatever you have on hand) and spices. Today was dried oregano and garlic. Mix it up and let it set for a while. Its really good in omelets or casseroles. Its doesn't melt but will get crispy when fried for a few minutes. Its really good crumbled for salads too. Good stuff and EASY!

And a baby picture!! Its the bottle and dairy babies separate from moms for the night. And one Puny sheep right in the middle. There are a few more behind the tree and some came running to me so missed out being in the pic.. We are making 6 bottles 3 times a day.... Next week will drop to 6 bottles 2 times a day!! YEAH!! That is what they will get for about 6 weeks.
We are on the end of lambing and kidding. Waiting on the procrastinators!!!

It was a rainy day today and on top of that the kids were sick with the flu.. Well one had it yesterday and the other 2 today! So I made chicken soup and homemade bread. Bread went a little flat because when it was rising someone flipped the towel up and it started sinking before it was suppose to but it was good stuff anyway!! So now its time to go finish cleaning my kitchen and put supper up. I hope everyone has a good night!!


Evelyn said...

Essential oils are next on my list to start making. I've got Vanilla extract in a'makin & will have peppermint & spearmint extract going as soon as the plants start growing again. But, extracts are so easy compared to essential oils!
When I come back I'm bringing a cheese press w/ me, as well as the glass mortar & pestle. And the rototiller. The cheese press has been sitting out in the yard for years. I let the apple press go, thinking I'd never have reason to need it. :( I might be able to find another one; someday. :)
If you got really bored... you could do fecals. But, most likely nothing would show now... do you think?
I'm GLAD to hear that you're feeling better than you were! I made the from page of the local paper. I was exiting a candidate forum & some guy attacked me because my views were different than his! Threw me to the ground & got arrested for it! Prosecuting him might hold me here for awhile. I'll have to testify, but I should be albe to come back for my month on the farm. :)

Aimee said...

Hi there! I clicked on your link from Goatbeat. Nice blog! I'm going to to try that cheese as soon as I start getting milk (which won't be until April 1st, wah). I think kind of cheese is called paneer. At least, you make paneer the same way.