Sunday, February 22, 2009

Milk GLORIOUS Milk!!!

LOl Just a quick note because its been a long day and I am ready to head to bed!! But I got over 3 gallons of milk today! Its a wonderful thing!!! I may have to make vinegar cheese tomorrow.... Mmmm Lol
We also have a sick lamb. She is one of the older bottle babies but in all the rush of new babies I didn't realize she was that much younger and went ahead and weaned her off with the older bottle babies.... She wasn't getting enough and we found her weak and cold. So we brought her to the house and got her some homemade electrolytes. We put her back on the bottle and she is doing much better. She is eating hay and moving around. If she continues to improve she will go out with the younger bottle babies up here by the house tomorrow..
Have a good night all!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

Wow! Three gallons of milk is great! Yummy!!! Hope the baby lamb continues to get better.


beckie said...


I found your blog through Self Sufficient Farmers group, and through you on to other links/blogs. So, this morning I've discovered "I am not alone!" Thanks for that!

I wish you joy in milk and cheese and all the delights!