Friday, February 20, 2009

Did I Say No More Baby Pics???

Well I just have a few baby pics..... Lol Here is the youngest bottle baby. Cant you just hear a little voice saying "please take me with you?" She looked at me like that as I left her outside today...
The triplet lambs eating with mom in the warm sun...

OOOooo should I try it?? Baby goats are soo curious! Lambs are the paranoid animals! They may hope sideways and run a little But they are NOT climbing anything...

She did!! Lol She is a rather brave little girl!

Awww the SUN!!! For a day anyway!!!

Mmmm getting sleepy yet?

We love our momma!!
Yikes Caught!! Crazy lady got our picture Again!!!

My oldest daughter had Molasses cookies in her pockets and was sharing till she run out and Dottie the goat didn't want to accept No for an answer especially when it comes to food!!


Hiding in the shadows!!!

Our Jr. Herd sire for next year. He is a little shy so its been hard to get a pic of him. He rode home in the back of my van last week and hardly made a sound. He is only 5 months old and very nicely filled out.

Look its not a goat , sheep or baby!!! She was watching me closely this afternoon when I was out there! They were scratching around for all they were worth!!
One Australorp and a Polish hen...

Here is Mora getting all grown up!I couldn't get a pic over the fence she kept backing off...

But he didn't seem to mind!!! Lol This is Sirloin!! He is quite the character. Him and Mora were playing in the water hose but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of it! Then one of the older cows came up and cut into play time!!

Here he is "seriously" getting a drink!! We moved the pigs today to clear out a new spot.. We move them about chore time so we can dump their grain into the new spot and keep them occupied while we are tearing down the fence and putting it back up around them... I will dump a little to keep them distracted and by the time they finish it we have the fence down and they cross the line and I give them more.. Except tonight I made the mistake of setting the bucket down to help Kyle take down the rest of the fence and 2 got smart and headed for the bucket. They couldn't both get their heads in so a fight was brewing for sure till I snapped up the bucket! they looked at me like Okay.. So dump it already which I did!! no one argues with or taunts a hungry pig! LOL
***** And we interrupt this blog writing to go chase pigs at 10pm!!! LOL****
Yep I thought we had the fence to high and sure enough they were out running around!!
Dogs started barking and having fits. When I opened the front door I had a faint glimpse of pig tails running away from me over the hill to the Back of the farm..
We got them back in after they tried to tree me for the bucket!! It was dark I couldn't see much(batteries going dead in flashlight) they couldn't see and about ran me over!! Kyle got pigs where they should be and all are bedded down for the night.. Hopefully!!....
Okay so back to the blog.. Tomorrow is the first official day of milking!! I locked babies away where they can see mom but they cant get to mom!! They really didn't know what to think of that so they laid down in the nice bed provided and went to sleep.. till the pigs came through and everyone was up and wondering what the heck was going on?? But all is peaceful so I am going to end this blog entry and get some sleep!
Have a good weekend everyone!!


Evelyn said...

We never tire of baby pix!!!
Good looking boy, he is pretty chunky for being so young. Minervas black baby looks like maybe he has the same glossy coat as Caspian? Hopefully he is a better keeper?
Glad you got the pigs back in. How much could there be left for them to clear out? Come on Spring!!!

tree ocean said...

aww so cute! still can't comment in firefox so I loaded up IE just to comment! UGH at chasing pigs in the dark! I found with my calves as they got older it was harder for them to adjust to a new area. Your calves are adorable! ditto goats et al. :)

ps how's the goat doing that kept getting her horns stuck?

~~~~~~Tonia said...

The goat that keeps getting stuck is still getting stuck!! I had to use the panels from the hay bales for something else for a little bit so she didnt get stuck for a while. But I am fixing to put the panels back out and I am going to tape the pipe back to her horns and one other goat will get it too.
I wonder why firefox wont let you comment? thats odd!

Anonymous said...

As usual they are all just too cute for words;)