Monday, February 9, 2009

Babies Everywhere!!!!

Here is most of the seeds we ordered. Some are on back order and Strawberry plants will be shipped closer to time to plant!! I am so excited!!! now I have stuff to get ready!! I have to start some of these things NOW!!! Yikes!!!
One of the little babies!! I am pretty sure it the little Boer cross Doe.

One thing You never do with a bottle baby!! Is let them suck on your fingers Unprotected!! Just ask One of the kids that was here Saturday!!! The little goat brought Blood!!! Lol They have very sharp back teeth.

Here is Sister with her babies she is starting to act like a momma! At first she would feed them and then run off to fight with some of the other does who just recently had babies. She was not being a good momma!

June and Bug playing!
Bug Playing with a doeling that is un-named as of yet...

The cute little lamb babies that actually got a name.. Lipstick 1 & 2!! lol

Awwww Nap time!!!

Wattles and her babies. They look just like the first set of triplets born but instead of girls they are boys!!! There was alot of similarity in moms coloring and of course they all have the same dad!!

You think she can hold on any longer!! Her udder is full her ligaments are gone.. I think she is waiting for this storm to move in!!! Lol
Newest babies! Here is the boy... They have a little story I will tell it after the pics here...Here is the girl....... Yummy first ...or maybe second good meal!! Now for their little story!! I was in Sunday School Yesterday. I teach 4 & 5 yr old. Lots of fun.. Anyway my friend comes in and says Kyle called and Hope is in labor and he thinks she is having trouble!!! Yikes. She is a First Freshener and one of our babies to boot. My oldest DD showed her last year and she is out of our Registered Nubian.. So pretty special to us! Several people have tried to buy her too! lol SO I was pretty much done in Sunday School. Oh I had brought our little house goat to class too! Kids Loved IT!! I rushed out and got my girls out of their classes and got home into chore clothes and ran to the barn.... Trying not to get to excited... And there they were twins babies!! She looked a little shell shocked! Like where they Heck did these things come from and why are they calling me mom?!!! Lol but she had already cleaned them off and they were up!! So we separated her and gave her treats. We made sure they were eating and all were fine..
She is a good mom and this is our first set of Kiko/Nubian babies!! I was really impressed! My youngest DD has already called dibs on the girl to show her this year and after show season she will be sold to a good home for a milker.. My girls hate that part!! But its a fact of life!
They don't have near the problem with sending some to the freezer but wethers tend to get Severely annoying! Or at least in our experience they have!
Its raining. All goats and sheep are in the barn.. Cows setting out chewing their cud like no big deal!! I am off to check on everyone... I am sure some one down there has Got to be in labor!!!


Anonymous said...

How fun! And we know about the sharp back teeth, ouch!

Evelyn said...

What a great post! THAT's a lot of seeds!!! OMG!! I know some will go in the garden, but those big bags... where are they going? Don't be surprised by the other packages coming your way. ;)

It's raining here too. I've gotten nearly 500 gallons of rain water put away! The city gives us heavy duty, plastic trash cans for recycling. I'm using them for recycling... water recycling. :)