Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Baby Filled Day!!

Kids using a momma for a mountain!!
One fell off!! See the hooves to the left there!!!The ticking time bomb..... How many and WHEN?!?!

Here is one meaty little boy!! We been calling him Lasagna...

Wattle's babies! They look just like an older set of babies but instead of girls they are boys. I will have to get a pic of them together...

June and Bug.. Just so stinking CUTE!!!

One of the newest babies!! From yesterday..

This is him as soon as he was born. He did come out head first kind of hard to tell. She has not been so nervous with us since she had her babies!

The set of twins from yesterday!! Mother(on the left) and Daughter(on the right) Both had twin boys. Cassie(the DD) had to white twin boys. They are smaller and that's the only way to tell them apart. But they are nursing each others babies! lol I the pic Moms baby is on Cassie.

This last weeks babies stealing the heat meant for the newborns.. After being in the 50-60's and 40's at night it dropped to the 30's last night so i set up heat lamps. Double wired and attached!!

The newest set of triplets!! 2 boys and girl. This is out of my skinny girl.. You would have never known she had triplets. And I thought after the second boy she was done but she started pushing!! momma is polled and she gives me a few polled babies. The little girl and first boy are both polled! Her babies usually have airplane ears but one of them this year has more Nubian looking ears! Since it is one of my milk girls I am going to let babies nurse for a few days and then I will start bottle feeding so I can milk her. This is her 4th freshening and will possibly get a break in being bred next year. But I said that last year till she drove me crazy when she came in heat till I finally let her in with the buck!!
Goats and sheep co-habitating!! lol They tolerate the bratty goat kids!!!

Obviously!!! Babies run all over them and they just sit there like no big deal!!Another Jungle Gym Mommy!!!

My little Nubian/Kiko babies.. Hubby and girls are trying to keep the girl!!!

We have the friendly Kelly and the wild Kelly. Well this is Wild Kelly's baby she doesn't mind us handling her baby just don't touch mom!!!

Oldest DD helping the baby born the day before...This is one of the paranoid first time moms.. If she doesn't see baby right away or hear her holler back she goes nuts looking for her.. Kind of puts you in mind of what its like when your kid slips around the corner in the grocery store and you turn around and they are gone for a few seconds... She freaks, baby finds mom and then starts nursing like she has been gone for hours....

The House Help!!! Yes she did get up there all by herself. I had some cute pics of the lambs all piled up but they have gotten lost somewhere in the abyss of my picture folders on my PC... I am not kidding I literally have 1000's of pics. But I am thinking they may have not downloaded..
To date we have 18 live lambs. A set of triplets were still born and Grandma sheep had a baby die. We still have the younger ewes to lamb and 2 older ones. I think that is 6... It looks like they may have another 2 weeks. I don't know I can't ever really tell with the sheep!
On the goats We have 2 left to kid and I am not sure the one is bred. The other is the ticking time bomb!!! She is definitely pregnant!! lol We have 23 kids right now. 7 girls and 16 boys!! Definitely a buck year but that's okay we use them for the freezer and sell the surplus for meat. I already have an order for a lamb and another order for 2 of each coming. We haven't even advertised yet...
We are suppose to get snow tomorrow!! It was so warm the first of the week and now snow? All well it is February in Missouri. We have had some big snow falls in February.
I hope ever one has a good night...


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and congrats on all the new kids!

American Way Farm said...

Wow, all the babies are so cute. I just love baby anything, as long as it's not mine! Being a grandma is a cool thing, even grandma to baby goats. -Sandy

Evelyn said...

I love babies... I wish I could be there to play w/ them. (& put up fencing, and spell you on baby watch and stuff like that.) Not going ot happen this month, or next.
Last year, late Feb was an ice storm!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I enjoy seeing the new 'kids' on the block!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely goregous!!