Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Is That White STUFF???

Hmm we have had very very little of it this year and we just got a dusting last night.
Look at the little umm piles... Gotta look close. Lol

Newest baby. Born yesterday morning to one of our newest St. Croix sheep. Its a boy. Curled up in a warm spot. Hay puts off heat and insulates.

Peanut. His nose is not bare. After I took the pic I saw that and took a closer look the hair is almost transparent on his nose.

Double trouble!! Lol the twin boys!! I think they have an itch....

Doesn't that just make you feel the pain!! They are close to being due and cant even lay down comfortably!! But they just chew their cud and rest up....

Here is Grandma. One of our Katahdin sheep, the friendliest one too!!

My Sunshine and Dottie. Snuggling!! It was cold last night and supposed to get colder before the week is over! Dottie is due soon too. But she is a great momma! She had twins girls first time and twin boys second time.... SO I told her this time twin boy and girl is the order!! Lol She is rather independent though so I doubt she listens!!

Another Boer girl sleeping Uncomfortably!! When their bellies get so big they just sit like this and slowly ease over eventually!!

Please ignore the dirty floor its right in front of the stove. One our lap dogs Tink sharing a warm spot with the newest house sheep.. She was having trouble staying warm so now she is in the house and starting to perk up. Have to go feed a baby! Have a good day all!


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great pictures! I just love your spotted goats!

Evelyn said...

I thought we had a black lamb! The labs are just the same size as your little house dog! It's just toooooo cold to be having babies!!!!!

Too cold for anything else either!!!! Try to stay warm! How are you feeling today?

Evelyn said...

Poor Tiny & Sister! I remember being that pregnant!
Hopefully they'll have their babies soon... singles! It'll be plenty cold this week for it!!! Sister has had a baby & he was BIG!; but this is poor little Tiny's first.

Tabetha -n- Brian said...

I love those pictures!!! I am in love with sheep and goats so seeing all of these pictures really makes me excited for when we have our own! :)

Evelyn said...

Tabetha... Have good fencing! Or... friendly, goat-liking neighbors! Sheep seem to be homebodies... I like sheep better. W/ only sheep I don't think I'd have had to spend some must $$ on fencing!
And... let's make that ... the lambs are the same size as the house dogs!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

Yeah but this lamb is twice the size of some of those others! Here and her brother were bigger.. Goats find a way around a fence Sheep just go through it!! If the first one dont make it through the just pile up till it bust through!! Sheep are not very bright! I had an uncle say goats are to smart!! He said he didnt like an animal that looked at him as if to say it was smarter than him !!LOL Incidently him and my aunt bought 5 goats from me last year.!!Lol