Friday, January 9, 2009

Went A Little Picture Crazy!!

Okay it was a Beautiful day And I went a little crazy!! The green stuff in the pic above is Hemlock. I had never seen the stuff till I moved to this place. It is Everywhere. Its still green in January and it will freeze and then as soon as it warms up it is alive again. But Vinegar kills it. hehee
Just a winter picture.............
This last fall this was over our heads with Burdock, ragweed and various other plants. The goats, sheep, pigs, and cows have all had their turns eating in there and Look there is a fence!!

Picture from my living room window of the goats and sheep grazing........... I was going to get pics of the sheep but they took on look at us and headed off away from use thanks to the newest ewes we got a few weeks ago. They are so flighty!!
Look at those Bellies!!! The black one is on the left is grandma to the little buck born a couple of weeks ago that was so colorful. The other is one of the Boers here.

Smug little bottle Sheep Fiona!! She played the "I am tired" card and got carried up the hill when we went to take pics and check on the pregnant mommas.
Here are the twin boys and momma............
Bottle Babies helping!!! Lol We took them out with us today. So they were out of their little world.. It was alittle scary for them at first and we couldnt get to far from them. I am debating on selling them now or waiting......
Our Jr. buck Caspian. I thought his silhouette was cute with his little beard. He wont have as impressive horns as his sire due to breaking the one off last fall. But he is cute one.

The new babies. The boy is in front the girl hiding. He doesn't have anything on his mouth its little black spots or freckles! Lol His mom has them too but they are not as dark.
Babies again!....... I couldn't catch the other boy from the triplets in a pic.

My Full Blooded Nubian's April and Hope. They have about a month to 6 weeks to go before babies. April gets HUGE!!!
Here is Handsome!! He was licking my hand and I tried to get a pic of him with his tongue hanging out but he was to quick! He was all lovey today and enjoying the scratches around his ears. it took washing my hand Several times to get his "cologne" off of me! PEEEUUUU
One of the Muscovy's that May be a boy.... I don't know...... I have given up trying to figure it out!! Lol I guess when they start laying eggs I will know!!
Our geese. I forgot to say before they are Toulouse Geese! They make me think of the Disney movie Aristocats.
They were making all kinds of noise here. They stay at the pond though so not annoying to hear all the time.
The one in the middle was getting a little upset with me. I am not sure why except maybe they were expecting food!
The ducks sunning on the pond bank..
Cows were soaking up the rays too!! Hey its January we don't complain about sunshine!! Especially warm sunshine!!!
My 2 remaining silkie hens. to think I started out with a bunch of them.. Well okay 6 white ones 2 years ago and 6 black ones this last year. The cats took out some of my first white silkies and then the dog and the nest box falling took all but these 2....... I love them though.
The 2 black silkie roosters, the hen and behind them, the little Ameracuana banty(Wild Woman!) She is crazy.
Bottle babies, LGD puppies, The little Hobo, and 2 of my farm girls!
And we wonder why the bottle babies think they are human.....
One Farm Girl got caught taking her socks off!!! The rule is they can go out in long sleeves but no jacket on days like this but They must have socks on with their boots or slip ons. This kid always sneaks out with out the socks, or the jacket or "loses" them like she has here!!!
Another farm girl with the bottle babies and the dogs! Relaxing in the hammock soaking up that sun!!!
It was pretty today I didn't get everything done that I wanted but I did go through some of the boxes I had stacked from moving.. Yes it has been 6 months But I am bad about procrastinating about stuff like that. But hey I got to it!! Still have a few things that I need to get to but I am happy I got the ones I did today.
It now raining and the temp is dropping! Yuck the High tomorrow is 34* when we get up and suppose to drop all day to 26*. Then it will be cold the rest of the week. All well it is January.
THANK You for the compliments in my comments and for the Award!! I feel so special!!! I hope I don't get to boring for people. Or over loading with pics... There are only 25 in this blog post! LOL But I did warn everyone in the title!! Lol Okay I have been working on this off and on all evening and its time to finally hit the publish button and go to bed!! Good Night everyone!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and LOL at your daughter taking off her socks on cold days and without her jacket.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I don't think you went picture crazy... I loved them. I think your place is beautiful. How much land do you have there?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

We have about 40 acres in pasture here and its a total of 50 acres. We manage it for a friend. I brought in more goats mainly milkers and chickens for laying. Since moving here we have added pigs, ducks and geese. A few more sheep. You really wouldnt know we are so close to town... We are about a mile from city limits. The good thing is the town tends to follow the main interstate and keep this side of town more country thanks to the trout fishing State park not to far down the road.

tree ocean said...

great pics! and they didn't take too long to load for me, either-you must keep them small?

Oh, awhile back Ev commented about you can only sell the animal meat as pet food...why is that? Up here Boss sells goat meat at the farmer's market and my friend from dept of ag gave her the license for it..just wondering must be state law?

tree ocean said...

I was showing my daughter the pics and she couldn't believe it was winter there! and the ice is melted off the pond?!?! wow. :)

Evelyn said...

WOW.... THAT is Prince Caspian??? What a guy! He looks magnificient! I'm not a goat judge mind you... but WOW!

Weather's been very strange! All part of the projected Global Warming, strange weather! The last few years it's been warmish in December & all the ice storms were in January. I wonder what next month will be like! Maybe we'll go into Spring early, like we went into winter early!

I don't think you overdid it w/ the pix, after all.... there weren't nay the post before... so it averages out! Is there really any such thing as tooooo many pix?

I said we can only sell meat as pet food because there's no USDA or State inspected processing facility for them to be processed in the county. In order for Tonia to sell meat by the cut for human consumption she'd have to haul it for quite a few miles. I also don't have much faith in commercial outfits to do a humane kill if I'm not there to see it. So, we use a small processor, who comes to the farm & takes them in the pasture. We can sell the live animal, or a part of the live animal. But we can't sell meat by the cut; for human consumption. I'd love to know if we can use a custom processor & still sell... but I think it's Federal Law, not local. There are people in California (where it's illegal to sell unpasturized milk) that sell it for pet use. You have to sign a statement that you understand that they will not sell milk for human consumption.

I insist on the most humane kill possible for my animals. That means that it should be done on the farm, while the animal is in a relaxed, calm state. Another reason for a humane kill (beside it just being the right thing to do) is that the meat from an animal under stress when killed is tainted from the epinephrine in the system. A lot of people will say that they take the animal to the processor the night before, so it can eat & calm down overnight. But..... it takes 2 weeks to clear the epi from the system. And... what kind of night is that for the animal? It's eating strange food, in a strange place, with a bunch of strange animals, or no animals at all! Doesn't sound like a very relaxing last night & last meal to me! Epi is still pumping into the system & tainting the meat.
I think it's much better to have a spot on the farm, secluded from sight, that the animals go to get a treat. They'll get to where they look forward to going there. One time, they get their treat & while they're munching & contimplating on how wonderful their life is, they stop contimplating anything all of a sudden! We aren't there yet, but that's my goal. For now, it's in the pasture, where the truck can get to them. We can get close to them, so there's no stress to them. Walk up w/ a thunder-stick & it's all over. We don't do very many at a time now, but if we're doing several, we'll need a place that the next in line can't see! Then either clean it or move them to do the bleed out; or bleed into a bucket for the pigs.

I understand tho that Tonia has sold her first meat lamb since she's been on the farm! Hopefully... it'll be a lot more soon!!!

Tabetha -n- Brian said...

I just ran across your blog and absolutely love all of these pictures of your animals! We want to have sheep, goats and other animals when we have our homestead so it is just fun to see someone who has them.