Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Had More Babies!!

The farm Parade to see the new baby..... 3 kids, 3cats, and 5 dogs.....

And Momma didn't even stop chewing her cud when we all walked up!!
Its a boy. Haven't come up with a name yet. We have Sirloin, Tips, Chuck, Roast,Rib, and Prime... I am thinking Mignon!!! I don't even know if I have it spelled right.
She was listening to every thing we said! See her ears flipped back.. I don't think we will see one calf born unless we have them locked up!! Which I don't plan on that. She didn't come up with everyone else this morning I knew she had had her baby. Not that we are short on watching births around here!! Lol Plenty of that going on.. Just the cows are so secretive about it.
Here are the dogs hanging back. Constantly sniffing around. They sometimes clean up what momma didn't. Gross I know but part of their Guardian job to keep predators away.
And You know his job is soooooo tough can't you tell!! Lol. Since our other dog is gone he has been pulling double duty. He is doing pretty good but I did notice the neighbor dogs have started pushing in a little farther up the drive. Not good.... Neighbors dog is nice To Humans!! but not to chickens and little animals!! I hope he doesn't try to much. Sam is good but if he happens to be on the other side of the property when Neighbor dog comes visiting we stand to lose some animals... Of course Anna and Nic the pups can act all tough but they are still pups.....


Tabetha -n- Brian said...

Such a wonderful new addition to your farm!!!

Evelyn said...

That looks like a pretty big baby! Looks like he's about as long as her body. Where did she carry all of him? I'll bet she's glad he's out!
Actualllllly... Prime is in my freezer & he tastes quite nice too! That little boy looks pretty Tasty to me! Could name this one Mignion & Prima's baby Filet, or visa-versa. The cows are indeed secretive about having their babies. It's a good thing that they have them so easily! Sunnyside looks like she's going to be a good mama too.

Poor Sam, having to do double duty; he looks beat! Bet he's lonely for Mama! I wonder if he learned a lesson from her demise. Is he still leaving at night? How are they getting out? Can the little one jump the fence too?

Anonymous said...

Congrats and you did spll Mignon right!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Congratulation on the new addition to the farm!

Evelyn said...

Holy Cow Batman!!!

The Weather Channel said ti got down to -1F at the farm!!!!
I thought for sure there'd be another baby!!!

Hope you'r efeeling better!! Tooooo cold!!!