Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Had Babies!!!

First set of triplet lambs.. They are all fairly even sized and were dried off when we found her this evening.. She is a good momma. The one standing up is the smallest but not much smaller.

This one is sooo Cute! Its a girl.. I just love the colored ears, mouth and the color around her eyes. She has a few more spots but not much..

This is the other girl! I couldn't get a pic of her face.. But she has brown tips on her ears!!! Notice Moms foot? She was stomping at the dogs in warning to stay away from her babies!!

This is the boy. He had the most color and was a little bigger than his sisters.

Here they are all 3 searching for Food!!!

The cows already had paths in the snow from over night!!

Geese don't seem to mind the snow!

Yep she got the pipe off and Look at her!!! Stuck!!! This was this morning and then I went back this evening and Yep she was stuck again along with a friend!!!

Hens like this nest better!! Lol The goats and sheep eat a hole in the hay and the hens steal it for a nest!!!
The bottle baby house. Its next to the house so I can keep an eye on them. It had tarps on it but it didn't cover enough so we put another over to cover the front. It stays warm enough to keep the water bucket from freezing!!

Little Sheep, one of the bottle babies. She is so funny!

My hubby having fun!! Lol Digging out the van.

Girls sliding down the front of the pond bank. They were flying down it!! Friends are coming over tomorrow and we are going to sled some more!!

Its fun going down but then you have to tote it back up the hill!!! Lol

Sam keeping watch on the girls.....
It was still snowing some this morning but the sun came out and it was bright out!! Its suppose to get warm Saturday and it will start melting and I think rain is coming in Sunday so we best enjoy it why we can...
I am heading out for one last barn check tonight. Good Night!!


Peggy said...

I love all your babies!!! Lambs are so cute I just want to squeeze them. LOL

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and congratulations on the triplets! I just want to squeeze them. :)


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Cute new babies, congratulations. I really like the cute markings on them.

tree ocean said...

aww those little lambs are sooo cute. We had about a foot of snow out there topped with an ice crust! Yuck!

I had a thought about the goat getting stuck-do you have enough panels to double up but shift the second over so the opening is smaller? It might make your life harder though since the others also couldn't stick their heads in, either...or sell that goat! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the babies and how fun sledding!

American Way Farm said...

We're still a good month away from lambing/kidding way up here in the Great North Woods of northern NH. But seeing all the cute little ones elsewhere just makes me want to snuggle them all. Congratulations on the triplets. Thanks for sharing the pics. -Sandy

~~~~~~Tonia said...

The goat that gets stuck had the PVC pipe taped to her horns and it was working But I didnt put on enough tape so I will have to do it again.. Eventually her horns will be to big for her to stick her head all the way in and she is still a teenager in goat years and has to find trouble some where!! lol

Evelyn said...

Those babies are so cute! I like eating lambs & I'd love to play with them! I was all about SC sheep, but all that color!!!! They look like they've got some Boer in them... lol Maybe not. We'll have to keep some of the colored girls. This yew is just a 2nd freshener, so she'll have a lot of years to give us more colored babies.
That sledding looks like lots of fun! It's good that Sam is keeping an eye on the girls, I wish he'd keep an eye on the ducks! But, he can't watch the entire farm.
Hopefully, we'll have 4 working dogs that'll cover the whole farm. Then, we can hope we don't loose any more.

Have fun this weekend... Good sleding!

Tabetha -n- Brian said...

Those babies are sooooo cute!!!! And what a clever goat to get the pipe off and her head stuck...AGAIN! LOL!!