Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Renegade Roosters

Fluffing' up and settling in for the night. These boys either escaped the butchers block or weren't big enough to begin with. The ones we wont for breeding are with the hens and they do a good job of keeping these boys away. Even though some of the hens do escape the roos in the barn and make it up the yard to visit these boys!! Lol

The one on the end is a Mottled Houdan he looks like some kind of wild man!!!

They have gotten a little frostbite from the cold. I know a little Vaseline would save them but these guys are pretty wild now. There is no catching them
Everyone around here is feeling better and slowly but surely on the mend. It is suppose to be 60* By Friday and then drop to 30* the next day!! Crazy but Missouri for sure..... 7 weeks in official winter left.........


mmpaints said...

Ha! I have a few of those running around myself, renegades for sure! I'm suffering from the same weather here in southern Illinois, come on spring!

Evelyn said...

That wild man is pretty cool looking.
Aren't those shelves going to end up pretty messy? Yuck! How'd they get in there? Can you shoo them up to the big barn?

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Nice pictures, cool looking birds.