Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Pics As Promised

The Newest baby.. Her momma is one of the new St Croix on the farm and I still didn't have their ear tag numbers. So we have been trying to see them since yesterday morning.. And finally this morning the little bunch of 5 St Croix ewes went running into the barn and Kyle climbed over the hay bale and bellied crawled across the top of the 2 stuck together and waited till she turned her head just right to see the number.. I was outside finishing the watering and he is laying there saying well this is number whatever and then another number But that's not her!! LOL Finally he said its number 34!!! SO number 34 had a little ewe lamb yesterday!!
Here is a few of them last night.The twins and one of the singles.

Here is Dottie my oldest DD's goat. She is due with in the next few weeks. She gets huge but has only had twins both times. SO we will see.. We retained one of her girls and that is who had the colorful twin boys earlier.

Her is our puny dog... The vet said it was probably something she ate but its not worms or anything like that.. SO that's good...

Here is Hobo one of the little strays that come up. We live by a dog pound/humane society and people drop dogs off all the time. She is so ugly she is cute.. She is also our alarm if anyone pulls up outside or twitches or wiggles!!!Lol

Here is Grandma and the last St Croix that are due to have babies. G-ma may have a few weeks yet.
Someone peeking at me.......

The twins exploring while mom was trying to get the puppies food!!!

One Pregnant goat.........

One days eggs. They weren't laid in there I forgot to take a can with me so confiscated a food dish filled with hay to carry them back to the house. I am getting anywhere from a 12-20 a day not bad for winter time..


Evelyn said...

Babies are so cute!
Poor puppies, sick ones & dumped ones!
I've lost count.... how many lambs are there? Interesting that Handsome was in w/ the does for over a year & we only had babies last Feb/Mar & here we are again. I'm all for family groupings, more natural, less stress for them & less work dealing w/ fewer groupings of stock!!
Kelly is funny. The hay is much better from the part of the bale that's up high!
12-20 eggs a day.... THAT's really good! How much are you selling them for? Winter eggs are always more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Tonia!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

6 Lambs(1 buck and 4 ewes) and 5 kids(3 bucks and 2 does)
The only problem with the family groupings is not all will just breed at a certain time. Handsome wasnt as mature as he is now. That makes a difference and some of the does were young too. If they breed back immediately which they can and do it runs your does down. They dont always leave them alone when they are pregnant either. You also had babies in June and April.. Its hard to sell if they are all are scattered over the year and different ages. Where if you are on a schedule its all done certain months of the year and you know that will be a tough month but you can be prepared for it. But once its done its done. All a part of farming....
Eggs are still $2. With bottle babies I am using alot of eggs. Of course the holidays and baking... I have sold some here and there and given some for a gift to family. They were thrilled!!!LOL

Evelyn said...

I'll bet they were thrilled!!!
I sure would be! I'm stuck w/ store eggs! I was at a small store & there was a sign over the eggs that said, "Fresh eggs". They were in commercial cartons, so I asked where they came from. The woman looked at me like I was from another planet & said, "How would I know?!" I asked how she could know they were fresh if she didn't even know where they came from? She said they were fresh because they get a new shipment every few days!
So her 'fresh eggs' were just regular commercial eggs!

Evelyn said...

Those SC look so much alike, we'll have to go buy tag #'s! Maybe we'll have to get all sorts of edible paint & paint patterns on them! I could see it... bright pink polka dots or stripes! Flags of the different states, then they could have names! They're too much alike to get names now. Goats have a personality & are funny. Sheep are better eating, but not much fun to watch, except when they do that grazing phalanx thing. That's funny to see. But, pink, purple & green stripes, dots & circles would be more fun!

Evelyn said...

Welllll, that's if we can ever touch them!

Goat Creek Grandma said...


I love the pics. I miss my girls so bad right now. New babies are so much fun. Where in Missouri are you? We're in Southeast Missouri here in a small town called Marble Hill.