Thursday, January 22, 2009

Left Over Candy Canes???

This is what my girls did with all those candy canes!! Lol And then used my camera to take pics of their efforts!! Lol I have to say this is my favorite!! Lol With the different colors in it..

You know life is tough as a lapdog.. Cant you see that from this Pic? Lol They are so terribly mistreated.. You cant really tell but Tink(the black dog) has her head hanging off the pillow.. She is crazy but she is sleeping like that! Belle the other dog was the sick one but she is doing better and gaining weight.

Here is my good deal!!! Lol It only cost me $5!!! Its a small food processor with a juicer attachment and an extra canister.. I almost passed it up at a yard sale last fall. They had $10 on it and I asked if they would take $5. So I packed it home where it sat on the counter for a couple of months.. I had to get it out and figure it out just hadn't taken the time.. Now the one I had before was bigger and NOISY!!! I hated it it was a pain to clean too.. You couldn't talk over the noise at all.. SO I got this one out and use it to chop up onions and other things.. Then I thought I would use it to slice potatoes and onions.. Well being slightly blond I put the blade in upside down(Hey I have an excuse it didn't have directions!!) I figured it out and its was so cool!! In less then 60 seconds I had a whole potato sliced!!! I stared at in awe for a few second and then stuck an onion in it.. I was Like Wooo HOOO no more hand slicing for me!!! I used the meat slicer the other day on some left over roast to make Enchilada casserole and this for veggies. Its not real hard to clean either and I can stick it in the dish washer after I rinse it out.. I am so happy for my Bargain!!
Okay I have been lazy today without kids home so I must go check on everyone before I go get Kyle. His work truck is broke down for now till we get taxes. Nothing major just need parts. But in less then 2 weeks we will have $$ and can get it taken care of.. Goats still have not popped!! Poor things..
Have a great night everyone!!


Evelyn said...

Great idea w/ the candy canes! Poooooor dogs & I love my food processor! Now... let's see how it does as a juicer!!! I hate cleaning juicers! They're so hard to clean & they go thru so much fruit/veggies for a little juice! That can get expensive!
I found a cheese press that I'd forgotten I put out in my yard. I'll bring it back next time I come. We had an apple press, but I let an antique dealer buy it. Couldn't think of anything I'd want to do w/ it. lol!!

Anonymous said...

How fun and pretty! What a good deal. Poor lazy dogs, LOL, no house animals here.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

do you know how much those food peocerrors cost new? $5 is a great deal

Goat Creek Grandma said...

You have very creative 'human' kids! I loved the pictures of the candy canes.

What a great deal on the food processor. I have been looking out for one but nobody seems to want to get rid of theirs. Good things come to those who wait, right???