Saturday, January 17, 2009

Herding Ducks, Leaky Well, and Visitors!!

Some of the Katahdin sheep still pregnant!.....
Lambs and watchful mommas!!

More pregnant mommas waiting!!

BAD DOGS!!! Took off this morning with the big dog and went visiting.. I tried to tell them that's a good way to get shot or run over but they aren't listening. SO little ones are tied up and big one will be as soon as he lets me get a hold of him.. He still remembers last time I got a hold of him and he got tied up for a few... And he slipped it and got away.. but I have been bribing him with a raw egg once in a while... Will try a different type of restraint! If he would just stay home!! He is showing his puppy side in the pic playing with the other dogs...

The leaky line.. The problem this morning took a few minutes to fix and awhile to set and of course everyone was needing water..
Its been quite the day! We did get to meet some new people they came to look at a goat and its So fun to talk to like minded people! We had a blast talking to them!! To bad they had to leave so soon!
Something has been getting our ducks and one is limping so we thought to put them at least in the hay barn at night..... Yeah right.. One thing to remember is that Muscovy's FLY and we would get them almost to the barn and they would fly away to the middle of the pond. So they are on their own for now. I tried a dip net but I missed the first one so they all panicked and flew away. Hubby had a few choice words!Lol I just laughed.. I tend to laugh at the wrong time sometimes!! Lol!! On the upside the geese herd rather well!!
We did get started on the brooder for the new chicks and turkeys headed our way in March. WE are getting 100 Colored Ranger chicks, 15 Midget White turkeys and I am still deciding on banties and some layers.... We are working towards Momma hens brooding new babies every year. But the neighbors dog nearly wiped out the chicken population here before we got moved here.
We didn't get done what we wanted to get done but that's the way things go.. Best laid plans....
Its late now and all animals have food, water, and shelter.. Its another day on the farm....
Good Night Everyone!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

Tonia, You had me smiling when your talking about the ducks. I remember trying to catch ducks to put them in for the night but the little buggers were so fast!


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

They may look like they would be slow waddling and all but they can run!!! Lol And FLY!!

Evelyn said...

Don't the ducks follow the feed bucket? Have you been calling them when you dump their feed? The chickens would run from the other side of the farm when I called. From the first day I had them I called them when I fed them. Didn't take them long to figure it out! Sure would be easier than herding them. Gotta do that w/ the dogs to, Sam was letting you scratch his tummy... what happened to that?
Are the lambs playing? I think they're so cute when they try to be scarry! They jump at each other like they're so ferocious; then run away! Those SC mamas look so svelt! I'll bet the goats are just **ready** to be thin again! I remember it was... what ... a month ago that they couldn't even make it into the barn w/out stopping for a rest break? I'm once again torn between hoping for singles or twins. Twins at this point I think. Singles would just be too big!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

The ducks come to feed But they wont go into the big dark barn for it!! It spooks them.. Yeah the lambs play and think they are so big!! lol
Sma was letting me scratch his belly till I put a collar and leash on him Wrong kind of collar and he slipped it and wontlet me to close Especially if I have something in my hand thats not food..

Tracy said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. Our blog names are real similar, cool .. huh?

Loved looking at all your pictures.

We have a great Pyrenese dog also.
Also,the other day my husband and I were riding down the road and right there on the side of the highway eating on a deer that had been hit by a car was an eagle! I was so shocked, I had never seen one before in the wild. I always carry my digital camera with me so my husband turned around down the road as soon as he could but of course by the time we got back there was no eagle. :-(