Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

This is them finishing off the centers of the round bales. I thought the little goat there looking at the other was cute!! I will have to take a picture of the hay "racks" now that they have new bales in them... The only thing I have a problem with is the younger goats (9 months to about 2 years) can get their horns stuck in them. They reach to far in at a certain angle and then try to pull back and get stuck!!
Here it is again............

Here are the sheep and goats grazing. Its rare to see them in 2 bunches anymore. This is the way they use to always graze but not anymore.

Its been a busy week around here... I only have a few new pics. They aren't anything exciting... lol We had Christmas with his parents on News Year's Day. IT was fun and we came home with the van loaded!! So bringing all that stuff home convinced me we needed to clean out a few things Like the girls closet!! One thing about my MIL is she does not spend much on the stuff. She volunteers at a local crisis center and so gets first dibs on a lot of stuff and it may cost her a $1 at the most. That is where 95% of our clothes have come from in the last year. Then she works at a discount grocery store sorting boxes so we get lots of groceries too!! She likes to open a lot of gifts on Christmas. I did get new towels and another set of sheets for our bed.. I am a cheap skate and will do with 1 sheet that I take off and wash and put right back on... Those things are expensive unless you can find a deal on them...
We are moving the pigs tomorrow . They got out today because they had pushed sticks and leaves up on the fence shorting it out and figuring out it was shorted out!! SO I fixed it and at least got them a small patch to dig through to hold them off till tomorrow.. I will have to take some more before and after pics of their area..
I am about to give up on milking this cow... Not anything against Daisy herself Just her species!! For the amount of grain she gets while I am milking and the length of time ti takes me to milk I can milk to goats on half the grain in less time AND get more milk!! Of course I am not getting any milk right now from the goats they don't freshen till February then I will have 3-4 freshening...
The cow's milk also has not much more cream where I thought it would... I lock baby away the night before Like I do the goats but If I can get her to let her milk down I may get 3/4 of a gallon 1 or 2 times a little more.. Its usually half a gallon and having to let baby in to get her to let the milk down, then I have to fight to keep baby on her side of the udder!! Its frustrating and the only time I have been this frustrated with milking was last year when a certain goat kept laying down on me.. She did get better but She was my friend's goat too. SO I don't have to deal with her anymore !
Oh and just to clarify something I don't give a pelleted grain to the milkers I give a mix of whole grains. Not organic(I Wish but I am not rich) but at least the closest I can get to a more natural... I will be back tomorrow hopefully with more pictures!! I will have to carry the camera with me!
Good Night!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too Tonia, nice pictures and it sounds like you have been busy and nice new car!