Thursday, January 29, 2009

Farm Fun!!!

Well First new pictures of the lambs!! The boy is always hiding his face. That's him with his head stuck behind the post!!
Here is the other girl.. She doesn't have as much color but is friendly!!

No WRONG mom!! A goat that is expecting any time!! They are all going to pop at the same time and it will be raining goat babies!!

I have been calling this little girl Lipstick because of the color on her mouth. She is so cute but loves momma Not people so far that is!!

Wooo Hoooo Lets GO!!! Friends came over for sledding. Great spot for it!!! Little daredevil in the front there fixing to go..
Don't worry I grabbed him and pulled him away from the front before we went down!! Yep that's me in the pic!!

Its a quick trip down but rough getting up!! But the kids will sleep tonight!!!

We had races were everyone spilled out at the bottom laughing and spitting snow!!

My oldest DD couldn't wait to get in one of the rafts so she grabbed the rope and slid on her butt! It was packed hard and Very slick!
Its was a lot of fun today. I hadn't been sledding like that since I was a kid.. We had to many wooded areas at the old place. The rafts were perfect for it too! You could pile in and the more you had the faster and farther you went.. My friend has more picture and I forgot to download before she left.. Some of Kyle and I going down which I am sure are funny.. Poor little Hobo the dog going too... She actually liked it!!
I had a little bit of a scare last night when I went to check the new babies before bed. I was going into the barn and saw what I thought was a baby on the floor. But when I got over there it was one of my milk goats a first Freshener on her back and legs in the air!! I thought she was bloated and Dead really!! But I rolled her over panicked and a little freaked out. She jumped up and belched very long and loud and shook herself.. Oldest DD and I stayed out for about an hour walking her and keeping an eye on her belly but she seems to be okay and doing fine.. My dad called it belly bound. He said they use to have to watch the sheep for it..
Now on to a little bit of stunning speechless news..... Hubby went to check the mail today to get his paycheck.. Well he comes back and comes to the barn and says you need to sit down... I said "Is it bad?" He is like just sit down or lean against something and he hands me a letter... It was from the County circuit clerk... Well I looked and it looked like a check.. I thought hmm okay... It was a check for Over $1000!!!! So here is the story behind this... When we were first married we were young and immature.... Got a credit card with a high limit... Long story short Construction can be a seasonal job... They add lots of fees and interest and never really "work" with you like they say.. SO when we coudlt make any difference we quit paying and it was being taken out of his check via garnishments... Okay It was getting paid and quicker then we could do it.. So apparently they took to much and we got it back today.. but its money that we could use for sure!!! So on top of Tax returns we got extra $$$ Its been a good day!!! lol...


Evelyn said...

Good news about the money!!! Good news for sure!!!
Careful w/ those rafts. There are only 2 of them & there are rocks & sticks on that hill. I'd like to be able to use them too. I can't imagine what it would be to come in & find the goat like that! Do they have baking soda out?
Those babies are so cute! I can't believe the coloring on that boy, he looks just like a boer, must be from being born in a goat barn, lol. I think lipstick is a great name for her, ear rings is just to hard to say. Eyeshadow might be good. :)

Tabetha -n- Brian said...

Those lambs are just so incredibly cute!!! And it looks like the kids just love sledding! And hey, getting $1000 in the mail is NEVER a bad thing! :)