Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WHO Said Farming Was Boring?!?!

We now have 4 bottle babies!! I really don't like to have them but.... The triplet's momma kept going to far from babies and they were left to fend for their selves. She even got into the pig pen which could have been disaster for her if the pigs hadn't been sleeping or for the babies if they had followed her. So I brought them to the house and gave her most of the afternoon and then went and tried to milk her and I got very little from her.
In the mean time one of the new ewes went into labor! They are extremely skittish and weren't handled much at all. SO when I came out the front door very quietly she jumped up and ran!! With the first of the baby bubble hanging out and then she kept having the baby, running around with it hanging out!! At this point I was convinced If the baby made it it would be a miracle!! We caught her and helped her have it the rest of the way but I had nothing to cut the cord with and was afraid to pull it. So I let her go and she immediately jumped up and ran!!! Mind you it only got to about 25* today!! Not a day for a wet newborn to be on the ground!! Baby is now running around the house!! LOl Well not running but up on wobbly legs exploring!! I will try again later to get colostrum out of mom but for now I have mixed up fake stuff. It doesn't have the antibodies moms does but it does have protein, fat, vitamins and energy.
Oh and then While I was trying to milk the goat I heard the puppies fighting and got over there after I was done and they had killed a Chicken! I was Soooo mad!!! It was the female, Anna! I was so not happy with them!! At least it wasn't any of my favorites this time BUT it was one of my Few Australorps!

I posted this little guy online because I just couldn't see using him for meat and with in 2 hours he was sold! The lady is coming by tomorrow to pay the deposit and then she will pick him up in February.Isn't she just queen of the house!!! LOL She was so thrilled the first time she jumped up there!! I only have one more week and then the new ewes can go into the main herd and then I will set up nursery in the panel barn for the 4 bottle babies. I am really disappointed because I thought her momma would make a good milk goat but so far she hasn't been the greatest mom and I haven't been able to get much milk from her I will try in the morning again.

This is the milk I got this morning from Daisy. It has almost an inch of cream on the top. Things are starting to go a little smoother with her and milking! I try to give myself 2 weeks with goats and I got a little impatient with Daisy but its been almost 2 weeks and she is doing better. Now if I can get just a little more milk from her! Probably not till baby is older. It has been a long day so I think I will make it an early bedtime for me tonight! After I check on the momma sheep and go look in one the ones in the barn. The older ewes have got to pop soon!!! Have a good night!


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

Your post made me laugh! I have a cat that is really skittish and she will freak out when I try to "help" her. The other day, she got stuck to my robe hanging from the door and screamed like I was trying to murder her. Then when she was free, she screamed sticking her tongue and ran off. The little brat. lol.

Evelyn Hansen said...

Sounds like you had QUITE the eventful day!

That lamb looks quite robust! Not the skinny little thing they usually are. But, being a single I guess she should be. Too bad about the new ewes having babies so soon after them came to the farm. Hopefully no more of that group will be lambing for a bit! The ones you can approach need to get w/ the program! I'm just so afraid they'll have trips as big as they are! And you thought you only had 3+1 children! (DDs&DH) That baby up on the table is so cute... what an achievement, I bet she was proud of herself for getting up there! How does she like having company? Great that you sold a baby already! If he's going to be a bottle baby, why can't he go now, when she pays the deposit? Then, he'd bond to her.

Good to hear Daisy is coming along w/ the milking. I can't wait to hear how the butter tastes! I think it's great to hear that you've got the balance of cows that give a lot of cream in the milk w/ goats that give 'none' (or near to it.) I guess so much cream is why Sirloin has grown so much in only 2 months. I was looking at him w/ his mama in a pix yesterday, he's nearly as big as she is! I guess that's why Dexters have babies so easy, tiny when born but grow so fast! They're about 18" when their born? Mama is only 36-42" & baby's less than half that.

GREAT post!

tree ocean said...

I love that my kids come running when I start reading your blog. Actually I read it in the am before they are up and have to come back later so they can see the great pix!

I am glad you brought the other two triplets in they looked a bit peaky (they were the ones with the chix, right?)

Boss used to keep the mommas penned in with the babies for a couple days before turning them out with the herd to ensure bonding-maybe you can scrounge up some more panels for the new mommas? Then as you get more you kick the others out and put the new ones in-seemed to work out well for her with a larger herd...(although she did still get bottle babies-and tubing the weak ones...yuck!)

Hope you had plenty of sleep! Loved your comment on my last post, btw. Thanks :)