Monday, December 15, 2008

What A Day!

Started off Cold Of course 18* was the high here today. Brrr I realized I hadn't said much about the new puppies!! The one looking at the camera is the boy and the other is the girl. Anna has stuck as her name and I told my husband Village Idiot is all I can come up with for him!LOL Actually he obeys real well compared to her but she is smarter. They understand what Get to the barn means already! When they venture up to the house I don't pet or coddle them I tell them to Get to the barn and they head back down there. When I am in with the goats and sheep I pet and love on them and tell them what good dogs they are. The new mommas tolerate nothing from them. Then Daisy the cow got one down and I thought I was going to have a dead pup. But they don't mess with any of them including the chickens. SO that's good.

Headed to the barn this morning and the cow was being a grump!! She kicked me, the baby and the bucket!! I finally got her milked and called her a stinking Heifer in the process. I was ready to give up!! Goats are much easier to handle!! Then my middle girl's male dove died. We didn't even consider it may be to cold they were in the barn with the rabbits and everyone else. But the male died. SO the female is guess where?!? You got it in the house till we figure out what to do with her!

Then I get to the feed store to see about the $$ they hadn't credited back to the farm account and they said it may take a few days to show.. Then when I got the few things I needed they did the same thing!! So I told them if its not on there in 2 days I would be back!! Its the same lady checking me out that does it. She isn't friendly either. I try to not get in her line but sometimes its unavoidable. Like Friday and Today!! SO hopefully it will be on there soon and I wont have to go back..
SO we get back to the house and get a few more things done. Notice the dogs have blood all over their faces. We don't know what they got but whatever it was it probably didn't survive. We looked but didn't see anything anywhere. I did hear them last night.
Then with it being so cold I left the goats and sheep in the barn lot and didn't open the gates. We came home from town and the Boer girls and the momma to the triplets and the Kiko girls had all made their way through the last hole in the fence not patched with panels and were out in the field which was no big deal really BUT the momma left her babies. Where the other momma wont go far at all.
I don't like it when a momma leaves her babies like that. That's not the first time. When babies were 2 days old I found momma in the Pig Pen!!! It amazed me that the pigs didn't bother her because she had stuff on her back end from birthing the babies and pigs are attracted to blood. But she was standing there eating hay off their bale walking around!! I am just glad she didn't take babies with her.
I am wore out now!! Ready for bed. But Hubby is building a headboard for our bed right now as I type because where our pillows are on the wall its holding moisture and we have mildew and I think that is what has been making me sick. Of course he waits till 9pm to start!! lol .They are calling for winter mix precipitation through Wednesday and rain Thursday!!! Can you say YUCK!
It has been a rough day. I may be a big girl but I can in no way match a real live cow!! LOL I know I will be sore in the morning. Not many pictures I will have to take the camera out tomorrow. I need new pics of the calves as they are growing really well! Good night all!!


Joanna said...

what a day :-) hope you get a good nights rest, I'll stay tuned for all the action :-)

Evelyn said...

Interesting about the dogs having blood on their faces. Are they paying any more attention to the pups than they were?
Great pix of the pond. I'm always sad to see the old pix go, but the new one is always really cool! Is that solid ice? Or, floating crystals? Or??

LOL about the pups. I've always found that smart dogs, children & men are more difficult to control! :)