Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Little House Goat.....

First few hours in the house was spent wrapped up to get the shivers out! She was quite happy to be in the box yesterday.. Not so this morning!! Lol At 5:30am she was hollering loud and clear that she was Hungry!!! Awwww Belly is full!!.....................Naptime!
Found a spot to hide!! Under the PC desk at my feet!..... Just don't pee on my power strip!!
She flipped her ears back at the first flash!! LOL
The reason she is in the house is because she is the smallest out of the triplets Born Monday night. And she kept getting pushed off by the 2 bigger ones. Which that's not good. So she happily made the transition to Bottle Baby!! She had No problem taking the bottle! I haven't had one take it that easy ever that I can remember andI haven't had many bottle babies.. Anyway We decided on a name for her.. Its Marigold. Because of her color. She is a sweety and is getting terribly spoiled!! I don't get Baby fever because I was getting up every 2-4 hours feeding her. She is going a little longer today and taking more milk at one time.
I dint get as much milk out of Daisy thanks to her rotten little calf who stressed her out by taking off with the others to where she couldn't see her! So then Daisy hollers off and on all night for her instead of resting or eating hay to make milk!! But all well I got the little bugger tonight!!
Good Night all!


Evelyn said...

Babies are so cute, but I've done my time w/ newborns! 'Course, I nursed & had them sleep w/ me, in my arms, so I never woke up in the night... they just found what they needed & didn't bother me. :) Getting up every few hours to give a bottle is not my idea of fun! Does Marigold (Mari?) go back w/ Mama during the day? The pix of her w/ DD is so cute. Do the girls realize how lucky they are to have that in their lives? There are not a lot of children who get to sleep w/ anything other than a dog or cat! But, the nurturing of God's creatures does wonderful things for children.
Velvet is a little brat, but what an independant little brat! Has she gotten one of the other Dexter mama's to adopt her at night? Dexters often will nurse herdmates calves.
I can't believe that those St. Croix haven't come across w/ their babies yet! They looked big has houses! No litters!
Try to stay warm! And... get some
sleep! lol!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Cute pictures!

Wood Mouse said...

That's the cute moment of the week!