Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh The Life....

This is what the pond looked like this morning. The forecast for this weekend is up to 60* by Sunday and then rain and dropping Monday till ice and then changing over to snow by Tuesday morning!! Isn't that nice sounding!!? Sleeping under the desk AGAIN!! lol She doesn't go out with momma during the day because the in and out at this time of the year would be asking for pneumonia. SO she is here for a while till she gets bigger. Also with her getting a different milk then mommas she may be refused and butted away.
She climbed her little mountain for a nap! Lol
I thought I had a picture of our bull, Source but I can seem to find one I will have to post one later. But he caused me a little aggravation awhile ago. He has been in a smaller pen with some cows we are selling and so they could be bred. Well he pushed into where we have the 5 new ewes we brought home last weekend and THEN proceeded to push under the chain link fence.
He was paying no attention to me whatsoever even with a bucket!! But before I could do anything about it he headed down the drive to the main road!!
I was like OH NO!!!... He was standing on the side of the road watching people drive by. SO I got up behind him and started just barely hitting the horn trying to get him to move. He started moving then went down in the ditch and pushed under the top strand of barbed wire and pushed thru the rest of the fence and off into the field he went just as pretty as you please. Now we know where Velvet the calf gets her bratiness!!
I do believe my girls realize to an extent that they are lucky to be living the life we do.. Of course some they wont realize till they are older but that's just the way things are. They know not everyone gets to ride on the tractor or play with the animals like we do. They also learn responsibility by caring for their own animals and helping with the rest. They learn alot of life lessons and how to deal with things quicker then some.
They also learn alot about the facts of Life!!! Lol My husband was alittle uncomfortable at first and didn't know what to tell the girls about the animals breeding they were only 4 & 5 at the time. He told them they were playing leap frog!! I laughed and said they are making babies lets leave them alone! He was like WHAT!!! He didn't know we had already discussed it at a 4 &5 yr old level and they just accepted it. Of course now when they see the bulls or bucks acting silly to get the girls attention they think its real funny.
We are putting up the Christmas tree tonight! That will be fun! Good Night everyone!


Evelyn said...

Well... if a girl doesn't have a hay bale to climb on... she's just got to make due!
That is sooo cute! Have fun w/ the girls, the guy & the tree! Sounds like there's a movie in there somewhere!

Evelyn said...

Remember to go out & run some sheep wanna be mamas around the barn tonite. Need those babies & don't want them getting tooo big & giving their mamas a hard time!

Joanna said...

the goat baby is precious, y'all are giving her such great care, I love seeing it.

tree ocean said...

I Love all your photos!