Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Little Of This And That

Newest baby!! Born Late Saturday evening!! I thought it would be 2 but it wasn't. It a Girl too!
Here is the little Macho man!! He thinks the world is his playground!! lol He comes up and taps on your leg with his hoof to be petted!! Such a lovey boy I am glad he is not going for meat...

Here are the 3 bottle babies in confinement!! Lol They are now outside and think they are so very mistreated!!! They cry for attention!
Here are our geese!! We have one mature gander and 3 geese. Then 2 ganders that are younger. They are so pretty on the pond. And the ducks have bullied them so far! LOL
Here they are Eyeing the food on the bank but haven't got the nerve to come up yet...

Here they are trying to decide which pile to eat out of!!

Here they are in the pond!.......

I wish I would have had a camera with me when I brought them home. I had 6 orange beaks looking back at me in my rear view mirror. Doing 70 miles an hour down the interstate! Lol It was so funny!
On a personal note I am getting a new car... Well Its from the salvage yard that my brother works at and he has fixed it. Its a KIA mini-van. Kids ain't gettin any smaller!!Lol It gets really good gas mileage too!! I would not ever buy a new car especially now that he works there. That is where we got Kyle's work truck too.
Okay I am off to bed!! Good night!


tree ocean said...

I LOVE that next to last pic of the geese swimming on the pond! That came out so great! Are they friendly? What kind are they?

Must have warmed up enough to melt the ice in your pond..those were cool pix. :D

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great pictures! We have a Kia car, it has been a good car for us.

Joanna said...

great photo's Tonia.