Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its A Movin In!!!

The Cold that is!! Its freezing! Four of my Americauna hens. The dark one on the end is a pretty one. The 2 that look alot alike my girls call the twins!! Then One chicken butt!
One Americauna, Spangled Hamburg Rooster, White crested Polish Hen and Spangled Hamburg Hen!
Baby that was born around 2 months ago. He is growing like crazy! And very friendly!! So not like his momma!

Some of the pics are a little blurry sorry about that... But here is one of the Katahdins that is looking very pregnant!!

Peanut and Iris all snuggled up!!....................

The as of yet un-named twin bucks Being woke up by the intense camera flash!! LOL

Iris up close!.........................
Sam and Dinah Napping. They are very active at night especially when its a full moon and we also have bad weather!.

More Pregnant Mommas!............ I would have thought the White St. Croix would have popped by now. But Nooooooo...
Its -12* in Kansas City right now and heading this way. When we left for church earlier it was about 45* when we came out less then 2 hours later it was 21*!!! Its so cold it hurts!! We are way above the ice storm line though! Just snow and sleet for us.. Oh Joy!! LOL But its better then an ice storm!!
I worked out this afternoon for about 5 hours getting ready. We put new hay out. We had to use the panels around the hay to make a baby pen so they wouldn't get stepped on and to give moms time to recoup. SO they really ate the one bale we had in there and played confetti with it.. You know run around the barn with a mouthful and throw it up in the air!! lol Of course those pregnant girls are more like rolling around the barn!! So I found 2 more panels and we scrapped up all the loose hay and got the cow a good layer of bedding down. Checked all lamps and thermo cubes. Checked on the pigs. They are in a new spot I will have to get pics tomorrow because it was getting dark and they kept blurring!
I did have alittle more success with Daisy this morning. I let Velvet in when I went to milk and she was nursing off one side and I was milking the other. I kept having to push her on her own side but I got as much off one side as I had been getting out of the whole with out baby there to help. So we will see if that will start making her let her milk down. I can see her walk away with a bag full even though I have been milking for 10 minutes. They are different from goats. I really prefer milking goats. But I would like to have cows milk to make butter.
So its now late and I am heading to bed. We will probably wake up to a winter wonderland and a barn full of lambs!!! Good Night All!


Joanna said...

sleep tight,now that you have everybody tucked in

Evelyn said...

Hope you got a good nights sleep! As in, I hope Marigold let you sleep! lol
Don't the lil' chicken feet get cold on that metal? Hopefully you'll get on w/ the cow milking better. I've heard that homemade butter is so easy, now that we've updated the process from a butter churn to a food processor! I'd sure love to try some!
Too cold there for me. It's 'cold' & rainy here in Los Angeles... cold as down into the low 40's at night, when I'm snuggled under a pile of blankets!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great pictures, you sure have had some pretty goat kids born this year!