Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Took A Few Pics Today

Looks can be deceiving... Under the water here it is ice.. Except maybe out in the middle. Babies at 3days old........
More babies.................
Here is Peanut... I guess we should have named him Chunky Peanut Butter!!!

The Boys full bellies and its Nap Time!!!
One little lamb.... I have the twin in the house.
Here she is copying momma!! Good Girl!!!
Marigold and her Expressive ears!!! She is grinning for the camera too if you can see.
One gray Muscovy duck......
This is the one that when we got them as 3 week old babies he/she had a hurt leg. You would never know now...
Here they are all huddled up this morning...

Nic still looking at the camera. Anna looking like she is in trouble.. She isn't... Not right now anyway.... They had been out in the rain earlier this morning.

Here is the Lone Ranger! Our female Dinah got hit the other night up on the Highway. Our fences in one field aren't the best to say the least(another project in the works)But when I dog can climb a fence its hard to keep them confined. I didn't think they were going that far but she was hit and so we now only have Sam and the pups.. He has been very good though.. In the pic he is watching up on the road was a car stalled out. He was keeping an eye on them. He looked back when he heard us in the barn.

One red ear slider under the ice.. I didn't think the turtles would move around much but we have seen turtles under the ice several times now... Aren't they suppose to hibernate in winter?? I will have to look that up!

Snapping turtle.... Bad thing to have in the pond with livestock around!! This was a good sized one too!
That's it for today.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!


Evelyn Hansen said...

I didn't know we had more than snappers in the pond. What's a red slider? Those are just the strangest looking ducks. I don't think I'm ever going to get used to those heads! Poor Sam, he needs someone to help him. How old are the pups? Not old enough to help.... I'm sure. Hopefully the geese will help him. I've heard of them going after intruders. When do you think the weather will be good enough to get them?
Marigold is just toooo cute! I think that pix of her in the cage in the living room w/ her ears airplaned & ready for take off is just tooo cute! She's just such a sweetie! And... DH looks soooo cold next to that water trough! Bundled up good! Do you have a water heater in that trough? I saw a cord. It's plugged into a thermocube at the pump house? Need to put a small circuit box out there. It could serve both small barns as well as the wellhouse. Aaaaaa.... so many projects! We'll get 'em done... little by slowly.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

A red Eared slider is just a water turtle but they have the red streak on the side of their heads.
The water heater is hanging right above the trough. During the day we run the one in the big tank and at night the one in the little tank. WE cant run both because it flips the switch on the power strip. Thermo cubes are cool!
Hopefully friday we can go get the geese. Its suppose to be 48*!! Woo Hoo Heat wave!!

Peggy said...

beautiful babies for Christmas!