Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frostbite and Windchills.....

Brrrrrrr...... It wouldnt be so bad if it would snow.......

Right now its so cold that if you don't keep everything covered it starts hurting.. I don't know how you people so far up north survive!!lol 8 degrees is not my ideal temperature! Brrrr!! My oldest and youngest DD's feeding the Bottle babies! They are all doing fairly well. Little sheep has gotten the squirts though! yuck. Nothing unusual though. They are getting about 4 baby bottle a day. I will get regular lamb nipples next week and start them on those and they will be moving to the panel barn next to the house soon!!

All the animals are huddling close too. All tails tucked and cold looking. We tried to run two tank heaters off the power strip in the well house and it was to much for it so it flipped the switch so when we got down there we had frozen water!! And not just a thin Breakable layer but about 2 inches thick in just a few hours time and That was in the barn!! The chicken's water was completely froze too. Its taking up to 5 hours a day to get everything done outside. 2 1/2 hours in the morning and at least an hour in the evening.
We still don't have babies which is good! Because I am afraid they would freeze before they had a chance tonight... We moved hay bales around and threw more bedding out for everyone. We took the panels down from around them and flipped the centers out and wrapped the panels back around them and then took what was left and made little piles for them so they could have fresh stuff to bed in. We got fresh hay to the rabbits and the chickens too.
Also when we insulated the well house I guess there is a small crack at the bottom of the door and it was just enough even with 2 heat lamps to freeze the faucet part but its not busted or anything. Just needs a little time to warm up. SO we blocked the crack and will check it in the morning. It is sooooo cold!!
I took pictures the other day to post about how pregnant the ewes are and I also have some of me standing next to Daisy the cow. She is a Dexter and is very short compared to other breeds of cows. The St Croix looking away from the camera has an incredibly huge udder for a sheep and everything under her tail is so swollen I would have thought she would have those babies 2 weeks ago!!
Here is a pregnant St Croix ewe and the lamb that's about 2 1/2 months old. Black spot behind them is the calf Velvet.. Goats sneaking out the hole in the fence in the background!! Brats!

This is our bull Source. I need to try to get up close pics but they have been grazing on top of that hill behind him....
Here is my self pic and me and Daisy!! lol Holly Sneaking into the pic behind my hand!! The girls had went back to the house already. She isn't real big as compared to some of the dairy cows we saw at the fair this year one weighed 1800 or 2100 lbs!! I couldn't see over her back and she produced 6 gallons of milk a milking!!! I couldn't afford to keep her in feed! Even if she ate hay and grass like Daisy does!

Here is our babies outside. Momma is never far. She is in the background cleaning up the cow's few left overs!! They all tolerate the LGD pups. I even caught a St. Croix Ewe cuddling with them!! lol The ducks looking at me as if to say " Hey Lady where's the food?"Everyone in line waiting their turn even though there are 13 other nest boxes!!! They all want the same ones! Isn't that typical???Isn't he a handsome feller?? lol Silver Spangled Hamburg Roo again.... Another pregnant ewe!! She is the Katahdin that we pulled out of the pond a couple of months ago. The red on her back end is Not blood but where she was scratching her hind end on the red pipe gate.

Okay Thats all I have for the night getting ready to make last trip to the barn to check on everything. Have a good night all!


Anonymous said...

It's cold here too, 0 degrees right now!

Evelyn Hansen said...

That is such a sweet pix of the girls & the babies! Where's the 4th one? Did he go to his new home? I can't even comprehend how YOU do it at your temps, much less how others could do it even farther north! I heard on the weather channel that in Canada they have areas downtown that have skywalks that join as many as 65 blocks! Bet you wish you had that between the house & the barn! (Good luck w/ that!) What did you do about the 2" block of ice?
I was saying to chase the mamas around or poke them w/ a pin before... now... Put a plug in them!!! lol Seems like the babies would freeze as they hit the ground! Specially w/ the first time moms being confused at first as to what they're supposed to do!
I thought the inside of the hay bale was the best for them to eat? Wouldn't it be better to strip off the outside of the new bale (that more likely has the mold or other bad stuff). Or does it just give them a different spot to eat it? I could see that the pulling the outside off could be a problem in this cold tho. that's ****BRRRRR**** cold!!! I can't even imagine having enough clothes or trying to keep water stuff outside from freezing!!!
The babies in the barn are so cute! There's the other baby! Are the pups taking to the goats/sheep well? Does mama goat take to her babies well? Will she let them nurse at all?
Those ducks are just sooo strange looking! That head! But, if they're better hunters & are good eating.... that's what counts! Too funny about the hens waiting in line. They just want someone else to set their eggs. makes gathering them easier, if the nest boxes ever don't have someone in them! Hopefully they won't be piling all in one box when you have hundreds!!! OMG!!!
And... that Source is a very handsome guy! How his his personality? Will he let you get close to him? Is there still actually grazing??? In this cold??
Sorry... just toooooo cold for me! I'd have to find some palm trees to winterize my RV with!!! lol

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

The Momma with the colorful babies in the pic is a great momma. I have sold ones of those guys the other momma with triplets has the one boy back but I She is not a good momma. Ethel with the twin boys will NOT leave the barn with out her babies and she doesnt take them far at all.
THats the inside of the bale we flipped out and put the panels around it. Its is the outside of it that we use for bedding.
I have pics of the new lambs and the frozen pond coming in a little bit....

Evelyn Hansen said...

Ahhh... that's where I cornfused! I was thinking you'd taken the inside babies out for a bit & that was the mama of the trips!
Those naughty mamas!!! Have to wait tillt he coldest day of the year!