Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy Saturday!

She has decided she likes the wood stove. Its warm and she can usually find a snack(tree bark)! LOL She is doing good and has gained weight. She is also chewing her cud which is a good sign. I give her a little hay and some dry oatmeal to nibble on. She loves to be cuddled!! I can see it now if she gets as big as her momma and insisting she is still a lap goat!! LOL
We have decided on names for her siblings. Her name is Marigold so her sister is Iris which means Colorful or rainbow in Greek. The boy is named Peanut Butter... Peanut for short. I am still undecided about the twin boys.
Slept in some this morning that didn't sit well with Daisy the cow!! Cant even sleep till 8am with out making some one upset with me!! She got over it when I filled her pan up with the treats for milking! Of course I am surprised the little house goat let us sleep that long with out hollering for a bottle. But she didn't. I worked outside for most of the day trying to make sure every thing is settled for the storms. We have thermo cubes to plug the water heaters into. Those things are so cool! It comes on at 32-33* I think and shuts off at 45*.. I think I would have to read to be sure. But it saves on electric because those heaters can really suck up the juice!! lol 0Apparently there are some kids with to much time on their hands!!Hmm Imagine that! This is the mailbox that they pretty much destroyed!! I could find them something to do....
We made sugar cookies tonight... We forgot the paint brushes to put the icing on with so we just drizzled it on. Can you tell which ones are moms and which are the kids? LOL We encourage individuality around here......We have storms headed this way tomorrow. Starting with rain and turning to winter weather mix. Boy do the animals know it!! They are eating like they are starving!! (They are NOT starving!) On top of that its a full moon! I was putting out the D.E. and Sea Kelp and they just about run me over trying to get to it!! LOL I will get new pics of animals up. I am looking forward to Christmas this year. Of course all I have to get is a few stocking stuffers and I am done. We got our short little fake tree decorated. Its cute though.. I don't usually like fake but its was small and cheap. Since we moved we ran out of space to put it.
I am sure we will have Lambs this week!! Right in the middle of the nasty weather!!
I am off to bag up cookies before they disappear anymore!


tree ocean said...

What do you use for the icing/frosting? We usually use colored sugar and sprinkle it on before baking. I would like (the kids would, too) to try your method. They look yummy!

Marigold is adorable!

Joanna said...

I love Marigold. House training? Do you keep taking her outside like you would a puppy?

SweetPea, our baby Nigerian, slept in the bed with us the first night we brought her home. I took her out at 4:30AM and she did her business and we came back to bed. She rode up front in the truck with us last Saturday and I'd had her on a leash and she would do her business when we stopped and I let her out.

The goats seem smart about it.

Evelyn said...

Maragold is so cute sitting in front of that stove! Too funny about Daisy calling you! If she wants you to be more puncutal, maybe she should be nicer & give you more milk! NOT funny about the mail box! Jerks (who's parents would deny they could do such a thing) are never funny! Cookies look good too!
Sometimes I think we don't give animals enough credit! They know what's going on!