Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It is Simply life....... Triplets born tonight too! 2 girls and 1 boy! Boy is hiding behind Momma and girls are the light colored one in front and the darker one. First one was breech but did okay. 2nd and 3rd popped right out after that!! SO total count is now 3 boys and 2 girls!! Yeah! Just wish the girls were as colorful as the boys! Going to go pass out now!! I threatened the sheep that they cant drop babies till I get a few hours sleep! Good night or should I say morning,.....


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Evelyn said...

Yes, congrats on any babies, but...
All right... enough for the goats already. We need sheep to pop, my freezer needs more lamb! The beef is great, and I do like goat (& I'm sure I'll develop more of a taste for it) but I really like lamb best. I'm looking forward to trying mutton.

I'm sure Tonia will have stock to sell this year (live, whole, 1/2s, 1/4s, shipping isn't so expensive these days. The best meat is sold w/ shipping!), if anyone wants to try some, I'm sure she'd sell to you. But, as good as this stuff tastes, she might sell out locally.

Evelyn said...

OK, so I checked the weather. The Weather Channel, reported highs & lows this month have been:
36/25, 52/19, 45/23, 34/16, 37/14, 46/23, 43/18.
Then yesterday... 57/37.
For the next week:
53/24, 35/25, 46/31, 44/34, 57/47, 57/34, 35/29.

So, I'm dying to know... were your 2 dairy girls the only ones smart enough to take advantage of the warmer night to have their babies? Bet the dumb sheep will wait till tonight, w/ the 24F low to have theirs! Then, the rest of your girls w/ wait till it's back up above freezing on Sat night to have theirs! LOL....
I think I'm glad I'm in SoCal this Winter! If you can arrange for next Winter to be a little warmer... I'd love to visit & play w/ the new babies!

Did that light colored little girl get her legs under her? Spradle legged is not the way to get up! Poor lil thing!
But, they're lucky in that they'll have playmates! I always feel sorry for them when they have to play by themselves, or w/ imaginary playmates. One was so cute this past Spring, she would run away from some imaginary playmate & then switch back to chase it! She stayed behind, in the corral while her mama went out w/ the flock. I used to stay there & play with her. I'd 'attack' her w/ a looong stick. She'd run away & then stand to face it then come back & whack it w/ a head butt! Brave little thing!!! Rotfl! She was a single & the 'older' babies (by a whole week!) didn't want to play w/ the baby. Not till she got 'older' herself, then she was too grown up to play w/ me. :( But, she'd crawl into my lap for scratches & cuddles & that was nice. She's now gone to a pet home, where that is apprieciated.