Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wow!! What a weekend!!

After 2 crazy weeks of babysitting we were gone basically since Thursday night. We had a 4H volunteer meeting and the girls went to Nana's house. Then Friday and Saturday was spent at the Small Farm Trade show. Kyle didn't get to go on Saturday as planned though. I didn't get to all the classes either because of getting hung up in other classes talking to people about things. But I did get to go to the class given by Joel Salatin.

First pic is of a tractor type thing that looks like a tiller on steroids!!! lol But it has a baler, mower and rake that hooks up to it.. Would be great if you had about 10-15 acres!! It was a multi-purpose deal! And Expensive!!!!

Then here is a Sam look alike!! A full blooded Komondor! I am really impressed with these dogs!! He does the same thing as Sam to and tried to chew his leash in half so then he was on a chain! He trims him every year in the spring with a pair of scissors over a week or 2. and that's it!! They are so easy around people too.. They don't seem to get confused on where their place is like some of the other LGD's do. They look like miniature polar bears and they can put another predator in its place!! We were worried about them getting from one side of the farm to the other. Friday morning we were getting ready to leave and We saw a dog up on the road.. Dinah and Sam was no where to be seen all the sudden here they come Flying across the field over the fence and to the road edge fence. The other dog took off like he had been shot at!! We were like YEAH!!!! go Sam and Dinah!!! All I can say is I am impressed!!Fainting goats that were there.. Short but broad!! Very pretty colors!!
Muscovy Drake and duck. Full grown!! Made ours look small!!!! Very pretty birds!
Last but not least how to pasture rabbits with out them getting away!!! I thought this was cool. Joel Salatin's son started raising rabbits at 8 yrs old and has developed some that he is very happy with. And speaking of Joel Salatin. I read his books and thought they wer great ideas didn't understand everything or how it would be applied to a smaller farm. Then getting to hear him speak He was an awesome person to listen too. He is very personable and a little goofy! lol But he is also very passionate about family, farming and changing the way its done. He is very concerned about certain issues and not his next dollar. He said after all this time and the way they do things they still don't have a financial plan or long term goals. His advice is you want to farm quit the job and just jump in and do it!!! Yikes!! What scary advice!! He also inherited his farm.. His website is the farm of many faces.
There was also a couple of guys right here in Missouri that are practicing Managed Intensive Grazing with cattle and sheep. They cant say enough about it! They said it can be done on a place as small as 5 acres! It improves the soil at a rate of 4 tons an acre per year!!! Adding organic material and natural fertilizer. It also keeps the rain in the soil and it doesn't dry out as much. The seed bank is turned up and all 3 guys that talked on MIG said they haven't seeded in 20-50 years and have a wide variety of grasses and legumes Except Alfalfa.Which I have never been real impressed with alfalfa. My goats prefer weeds to alfalfa!! lol They think Alfalfa is expensive bedding meant to be wallowed in... Brats!
Also did you know that Honey bees go to a range of a 2 mile radius from the hive? The supreme courts have also declared they have the right to trespass!! lol
It was fun to go to the tradeshow But I was so Glad to be home!!! We are such homebodies!!!


tree ocean said...

Great pics and story! How's the foot?

Last Monday I saw a big brown bird with white head splattered in the road and I thought it was a bald eagle, so I turned around to drag it out of the road. It had webbed feet!!! I was, like, "what the heck IS IT?" The head was smooshed. Now I know it was a muscovy hen-a very big one!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

Oh yeah My foot is healing fast!! It was a little aggravated after yesterday because I wore a certain pair of shoes that wre alittle heavy. But I have almost ofrgot about it.. I heal pretty fast. Muscovies come in all kind of colors. Ours here are gray/blue color, blackish green and brown. With white splashed in.. One flew past the living room window Kyle thought it was some big bird not anything we have here!LOL We figured out it was the ducks!! They are funny!! The males are really big almost double the females. Who are no light weights either!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Those goats really faint dont they? Im glad your'e back

Evelyn said...

This is all great stuff! I'm glad you got a lot out of the trade show. To bad DH couldn't go. Did the girls go w/ you yesterday? Have you decided on a type of hives? I think I'm going to see if I can have bees here. I have a corner of the yard that I hardly ever go in. I call it the South 40. I had lots of bees last year, all over the yard, but I'm not getting any this year. I've got 2 huge zucchini plants w/ no fruit! I think I might need bees to get fruit on the trees next year, and... I do like honey. :)
I wonder if the ducks would make a good Thanksgiving dinner? If they're that big, doesn't seem they'd work as a regular dinner.
That buck has horns just like Handsome! Anyone know what do most fainter horns look like?
And rabbits! How are the rabbits doing? I'm just glad you enjoyed it so much!

Evelyn said...

Oh, I forgot about the baler! To have that all in one piece of equipment! WOW. Who makes it? It would cost more money, but think of the savings in maintenance & storage!

Had lamb for dinner last night. Made a mint sauce for it. Oh MAN it was absolutely divine!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! We have a lot of adult Muscovies here ( drakes and females:)

Jennifer said...

Great pictures, the trade show sure looked like a fun time! I want to know about that baler too. How interesting! We have to have our hay cut on shares every year because we don't have all the machinery needed ourselves and even if we did we have no place to store all of it. Would you share how expensive it was and who makes it if you happen to know?