Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I Picked!

I have wanted the Basic Country Skills every time I checked it out at the Library. There is so much in it that You just can absorb it in 2 weeks!! When you take it back its usually gone right away. The Stocking up is one that seems to have alot of info too. We will see. The Next one I hope will help with the chickens.. The Arithmetic in Agriculture is one I think the girls will like for school. We wont use it for a year or 2 but its good to get it while I can. Last is something I plan on doing after next years garden so I can cut the cost of buying seeds. I had one more but thanks to sales tax I had to take it off or I would have been paying a little more. Its was an essential oils book but I have one already just liked this one.. Maybe another time.
I have one goat due this weekend. I thought it maybe sooner because her ligaments had really relaxed around her tail. But she has held on getting wider and wider... But we also have a St.Croix Ewe that has an extremely swollen vulva and she has gotten lazy. Several of them have had udders for a while but they are starting to get bigger.. So we may be having lambs too. My one mutt goat is still holding on too. She is also due this weekend or the first weekend in December...
SO we are on pins and needles!!! lol I tell myself every year I wont get all crazy about watching them But I seem to not be able to help myself!!! If they have them this week it would be a good week since its not as cold as last week! Hint Hint Sheep and Goats!!! Lol
I need to go and get more pics.. The calves are growing and I still haven't gotten anything to milk the one.. But I figure as long as baby is nursing I can get milk when I get what I need. I have a place to put momma cow and baby in with the goats and sheep to keep separate over night so I can milk and then let her go...
The pigs are sooo funny they have calmed down sooo much since we got them. I am not nervous about being out there with them.. WE can move them fairly easy too.. Of course they are probably weighing about 100 lbs now ask me again when they weigh double that!! lol
With the cold many people are getting less eggs and I just keep getting more!!! I have a friend who went and bought hens that are suppose to be laying right now and they laid a few they first few days and since then they haven't laid anymore.. My chickens aren't even getting as much light.. Of course I am not getting as many eggs as I have hens but I had about 9 dozen in the frig the other day.. I get about 1 dozen a day give or take a few.. I have some hiding eggs too and I haven't found the nest yet.. I sent some home with everyone who stopped by. I have some customers who buy too. I have about 4 dozen waiting to be put in the cartons.. As long as they don't get washed and are kept cool they are fine to sit out on the counter for a few days.
So that's what I have for today. You probably wont hear much out of me for the next few days with Thanksgiving and our anniversary coming up...
SO Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
Have a great Weekend!!!


tree ocean said...

Those looks great! Good choices! I had to buy a dozen eggs! Grrr! The white leghorn is down to every day and a half to two days and we wanted eggs!!! LOL Need some new chix next year.

Evelyn said...

Those are some good selections on books. I'd love to read them. I think I have an old copy of Saving Seeds. Got it at a garage sale, but I've never read it. I think I might also have Stocking Up squireled away somewhere. I think it was my father's. I have an old & newer copy of Carla Emory's books as well.
Why don't you just take a big pin, & pop those mamas! I was astounded to learn today that isn't now standard practice to induce labor in the city! A normal, healthy pregnancy & they induce labor to make it easier for the medical staff!!! OMG!!
Are you having anyone over for TG? Could be an exciting day!

Have a good Turkey day & maybe next year, we'll have a bird we know is Naturally grown!

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

Nice going bragging about all the eggs you get. Sheesh. lol. I can't wait to get chickens of my own and I am going to certainly check out those books from my library!


Evelyn said...

I forgot... about your eggs. Have you thought about using Sodium Silicate (Water Glass)? I used to preserve eggs from my chickens in it, for winter. W/ 50 chix, you probably won't have a terrible shortage, even in 'real' winter. But, it does work. Otherwise, boil 'em up & feed 'em to the pigs when they get older than your customers want. :)