Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Real Cold Has Moved In!!!

Today was the first day of deer season. We all went out and 1 by 1 headed back to Nana's house to warm homemade cinnamon rolls and hot coffee!! LOL its was just to much temptation with the weather. It rained alittle and snowed/sleeted too. The wind was blowing hard and cold.. All the deer were in hiding and out of sight due to the wind. So no luck today. Hubby will go back out tomorrow and he has Monday off too. The hazy look to the pic is the snowy sleet that came down. We lost 2 silkie hens last night. I had moved the chickens down to the barn and I didnt secure the nesting box enough and the only thing I can figure out is that they all tried to roost on the front and it got top heavy. It smashed them and of course it would be 2 of the hens!! A white one and a black one. Poor little darlins!! Since I have moved them I am getting 15-18 eggs a day. A few cant get it into their little brains that the food and shelter is now in the barn... lol They keep heading back up and roosting on the corral fence. I hope they are at least laying their eggs in the barn!!
I have a goat getting close to baby time. She has an udder. The big thing is her ligaments are loosening and getting squishy. The muscles around her tail are getting ready for birth they loosen and drop and make it ready to be able to birth the babies. Her name is Ethel and she gave me twins on her first kidding. A beautiful little girl we named Splashy and I wish we had kept and she had a twin brother named Shrimp. She was a little young when she had her first babies but she was an excellent momma and recovered very well. She is a Boer/Nubian cross and I just love her spots. This is her momma is Dottie. She is Black with white spots. Ethel has been bred to a Kiko buck and I cant wait to see what her babies look like. Moss in the woods... Have a good night all!


tree ocean said...

sorry to hear about your silkies! :(

We had incredible wind and rain last night. My goats looked dry this am, but I need to winterize some shelters that they knocked boards out of this summer. Cold is supposed to come in tonight...

Evelyn said...

Welllll, these winds seems to be cross-country winds! The Santanas are coming late this year, but they've arrived. I'm sure many must have seen the news about the houses that have burned in several parts of California. Now, mind you, these houses are put in places that never should have been built on. You can have wild nature, or a subdevelopment. But, in California, you shouldn't put a subdevelopment in the wild, because these hills MUST burn every few years! The way around that truism is to keep goats to eat the brush that grows up (it's too dry for the type of forest that most people think of; our lowland forests are masses of brush.) But, most of these people are too fancy to allow goats to live near them! So, their homes burn, they tramitize their children & loose family heirlooms. Then, they cry on TV & make everyone feels soooo sorry for them. Sorry, I believe in personal responsiblity. Can you tell this is a tender spot for me??? :)
So, anyway, I hope DH gets some deer today. I know that this is a big part of your food budget. Many don't understand that, I do.
May your freezer be full as you head into winter!!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I talked to my uncle and he has always hunted, they have bucks on the wall. he said I used to eat deer meat when I was little:( I agree with Evelynn on the dummies that live in CA:) Im sorry to hear about your chicks. I follow this other ladies blog and she hit a doe with her car and her husband came and picked it up and they canned it. I thought that was weird but my uncle said him and my grandma did it before. My husband says it's about not being wasteful. I like reading about your farm life:)