Saturday, November 29, 2008

Patiently Waiting.....

No babies,... Stinkers! The pic is 2 of the sheep that are having the bloody show and their udders are big and tight looking for sheep. But they keep going!!
One goat has completely lost her ligaments and I can put my fingers completely around her tail bone!!! That's GOOD! Its usually mean 12-24 hours Max! Wooo Hooo Ligaments are right above the tail and they will loosen when they are going into labor or getting ready for labor. She has a tight udder too! The other goats ligaments are loosening but not completely gone and her udder is getting bigger but she may have another week.

We have new dogs!! They are Komondor and Collie/English Shepherd mix. The dad is a full blooded Komondor and the mom is the mix. They were started on a farm with almost as much of a variety as we have and all birds are free range. SO that's good!!!

Hubby fell off of the scaffold at work Wednesday! NOT good!! His shoulder and head took the brunt of it! Good thing he is hard headed!. His arm and shoulder is sore but I think its nothing more then strained. He was thinking it was broke but its getting better.

Thanksgiving was good! Way to much food!!! Girls are at my parents for the weekend. They have been there a lot lately. But This is probably the last for a while as they will probably be getting ready to move soon. They are going to his parents next weekend.. They will be ready to be home for a while!! lol
That's it for right now......


tree ocean said...

Sorry to hear about Kyle's fall! I hope is he ok! Scary!

Cute puppies!!!

My first doe to kid had a bloody show for a couple weeks and her ligaments were gone for a week! (she was not a first timer) Then my next goat, a freshener, dropped exactly on her due date (she just had a brief run with a buck) and was not showing much at all. The first had trouble with twins and the second had a tiny single.

Then at the farm last spring the last to kid was enormous and I felt her ligaments and pronounced any day and she went two or more weeks!!!!(not a first timer either)

So good luck with your predictions!!!LOL :D

Evelyn said...

Wellll, we were all expecting lambs or kids! Instead.... we get puppies!!!
Snow & brrrr cold projected for tonight; probably be mushy snow. There will surely be babies in that kind of weather! Of course... it'll be the one that refuses to come in! She'll hide somewhere, so they can both freeze!

Evelyn said...

I forgot to comment on DH getting hurt!!! That's the kind of thing that seems easy enough to get over when you're young... but it comes back to haunt you when you get old! Be sure to get lots of healing stuff in him! Vit C & zinc are the 2 healing vitamins that we pump people full of at the hospital. Don't know what's specifically hurt, ligaments? VitE I bet would be good for this as well.