Monday, November 3, 2008

Oooo Monday again!!!

I was playing with the camera Friday when starting a fire to take the chill out of the house..
I did a rare thing Saturday morning and slept in for about an hour and a half more than normal. But then I felt like I was behind all day!! I did get the tack shed cleaned out some more and the feed moved into it and organized. There is still a pile in one corner that needs to be taken care of but it will happen!! We also got the travel trailer moved closer to start working on that for the chickens!! I will have to take before and after pictures..
I was up early yesterday and took some foggy pics. the way the fog rolls in here just amazes me..

What Kyle did sitting in the stand with Kara deer hunting! He couldn't hunt at all because it was for youth only so he took the camera and was taking pictures of wild animals...(squirrels and chipmunks.) But I thought this was a good one... We go to the Small Farm Trade show this weekend. There is much to see!!!


tree ocean said...

great photos! The squirrel one is excellent.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love squirrels. I was able to get some pictures of them stealing peanuts out of the peanut bag yesterday

Evelyn said...

that's a great squirrel pix.
The fog is amazing. Once, I saw fog rolling in. It was coming out of the woods & I swear, it was coming so fast that I thought it was smoke from the woods on fire! I almost freaked out, then I flashed that smoke rises, it doesn't roll out on the ground!
I really wish people wouldn't feed peanuts! I am constantly pulling peanuts out of my garden!!! They are a horrible weed for those of us who try to grow our own food. I've had to kill squirrels who broke into my attic to stash peanuts. They did a lot of damage to my house & broke thru pretty much anything I put up to stop them. The only way to put a stop to it was to kill them. I had to do it only because the people in the condos were feeding them. Then, I heard they banned feeding them because they had to repair damage from it to their own roof! I'm freinds w/ the homeowners assn't prez. We were talking one day about stuff. She mentioned that they couldn't figure out what kept destroying their roof. I told her what I'd found. They had the maintenance guy go up & look. Sure enough, peanut stashes in the space beneath the roof!

Jennifer said...

Great photos!