Monday, November 10, 2008

Oooh my Aching Back!!!

Thats what comes with the trimming of goat hooves!!! lol It took us 5 hours today but its done!! Well except the boys. I am going to have Kyle help me with those. Some of the does havent been handled much so this is what happens when you do get a handle on them...... Well besides their horn handles.... Basically once we get the halter on some of the wild ones we just hold on till they realize that we arent out to get them. They calm down and the girls hold them while I trim the hooves. then you gt a stubborn goat or 2...or I was all bent over trimming hooves when she plopped down!! Please be aware pics of us are ummm not the best Lol We are in chore clothes and not at our fashion plate best..... but hey the animals dont care if they match and goats tend to nibble on the flyaway hair!!
Here are the calves out playing last night. They were in the corral the mommas couldnt get in to them and they were about to have fits!! I could just see Momma's saying You just wait till you get back on this side of the gate You WILL be in trouble!! LOL They were flying around with tails straight up in the air and kicking up the heels!!
Website for Walk behind Tractor and implements! This is a pic of the rake the mower was behind it I forgot to get a pic of it. But they both hook up to the tractor. Very cool!!

One little Black Silkie Roo!! He is the biggest out of the 2 silkies roos we have!! So cute!!The Ducks have discovered that the chickens get free food!! They dont have to work for all the food they get!!lol SO they are making themselves at home in the chicken pen!! Not to much they still like the pond too.... I hope everyone has a great evening.. We have a 4H meeting I forgot about!!! I was hoping for a night at home... All well maybe tomorrow night...


Evelyn said...

WEll.... I checked in at just the right time! There was nothing new, I went to see if there was a new comment, then back to look at the all in one baler &... THERE's a new post! :O
Those little boys are so cute! They've grown a LOT!!!
Who is that that'd being a gymnist? Is that a Kelly? They shouldn't need trimming toooo terribly much... did they? But, the handling! I would think that would do my back in! Dinah & Sam look so tiny in all that grass! And there's a lot of grass out there for mid November!
Too funny about the ducks! And that roo looks so cute! The ducks & chix do share one thing in common... their jobs! Eggs, meat & bugs! :)
I thought the baler/rake/mower were all one peice! That's what I thought was so cool. They make small bales don't they? 3x3? That's too big to carry & won't last very long!
I see you've got the bale in the barn behind the cattle panel. How's that working? They don't climb/jump up in it? Bet the dogs can if they want a cushy place to sleep! How'd the dogs take to you making their goats cry?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

The wild Kelly being well wild LOL She calmed down after a few flips but was still a little wild eyed. Surprisingly it was some of the Boers who had the better hooves!!
The bales are as big as a small square bale. They were knee high.
Only the cats seem to climb in... Oh and the chicken that lays eggs in the oddest places!! She cant be a conformist and lay them in nest box she went all the way to the barn and laid her egg!! The only other thing about the bale behind the panel is the goats with horns get stuck. The dogs dont worry about the goats when we are there. They lay out in the fields and nap for their night time roams.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

The baby cows are so cute all the animals are cute

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, our ducks like to be with the goats though but Muscovies really don't need a pond though.

Jennifer said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for posting that link! I will check them out for sure.