Thursday, November 20, 2008

Okay Now For The Pigs!!

So here they are as of Yesterday morning!!! They thought it was time to eat.. That's the only time I come to see them right!! lol Not true I do go visit just to watch them. They are very entertaining!! These 3 little strands of hot wire keep them in well!! It don't keep the other animals out. So far the goats tore it down and the calves jumped.. All got shocked and haven't been As curious!!
There is a boss and her name is Ms. Bossy! She is the second one in the pic.

This is Redneck Hillbilly! Billy for short. He is soooo cute!! He is also the Registered Red Wattle boar. He is future sire to future piglets! The others are Red Wattle/Tamworth crosses.

Here is Ms.Bossy Isn't she a beauty?LOL

Here they are all lined up watching every move I make!!

Little pile of Piggies!! The little guy waits till they lay down and then piles in the middle to make himself at home!! I hope he doesn't keep up that habit because when he gets to be a big boy he will crush them!lol

Here they are going back to rooting and ignoring me since I didn't bring any treats!! They have more hair then most people realize and they don't have much problem staying warm as long as they have shelter and good food!
And this is what we do for them... They get a little feed everyday that is a mix of Chopped corn, crimped oats and crimped barley with a little trace salt for minerals. They are moved to a fresh pasture when they have ate it down. They have fresh water most of the time!! They like to put their front feet in it while drinking and then of course their noses are all dirty from rooting and it gets in the water!
What they do to the pasture is good as long as its not over done!!! It helps loosen the soil and breaks it up to turn it like a natural tiller. I am going to put them in spots were we will have a garden next year to turn the soil.
Of course their main purpose here is to supply yet another variety to the supply of naturally grown meat from here on the farm. Currently we have 2 gilts, 1 boar and 1 barrow. A gilt is a female who has never had piglets. Boar is a intact male and barrow is a castrated male.
They have turned rather friendly even though I had my doubts to begin with. But as long as they are well fed they will be fairly docile. Till they see a bucket!! lol Then they can get pretty loud!!
I am impressed with the Red Wattles ability so far to be growing so well on pasture and a small amount of grains. I know its not just the Red Wattle that will do that but just my experience so far.
When I was a kid we would raise pigs occasionally in a smaller lot with a pelleted complete feed. They live out 9 months or so in the lot and then was processed. We didn't have near as small pens as some people because my dad always liked to have space for animals. But it wasn't pastured either. It cost alot to feed them the pelleted feed and last spring the feed was so high that we took them a few months early to the processors to balance the cost.
Pastured is so much easier on the pocket book!! It was costing around $45 a week for 4 pigs last spring a month that was $180. The way we are doing it now the feed is less then $70 a month. Just a little less then half. This amount will only vary a little with pasture availability. Basically their extra grain is to keep them friendly and adds extra to their pasture diet.
So there are our pigs!! Have a good night all!!


tree ocean said...

The cost of grain skyrocketed, didn't it? OUch!

Evelyn said...

Nice to see the piggies!
When I first read $70 a month for feed, I said OUCH! But, it's winter & feed has gone up so much. Is the area they're in now where you are thinking of putting the fruit trees? Or, around the pond might be nice, give you shade while you're fishing & want to isolate the pond from the animals anyway. Remember, w/ pigs, first they root up & fluff the soil, then they pack it down. So, indeed, do keep them moving! I'd imagine they're going after the roots that are in that spot? Maybe after their done there, let them out into the pastures, where there are no mamas to be, and let them root up the rest of the stuff that's unwanted. I'm thinking thistles & burdock, but if the thistles get eaten by the goats, sheep & pigs, maybe those are wanted after all. But, throw some salt & pepper w/ some piggy sauce on that burdock!! Put it up high on the menu & on the blue plate special!!!
My son Billy wasn't quite too sure about the idea of calling the boar Billy. I reminded him how funny he thought it was to have goats named Kelly, like his younger sister! He's still not to sure about sharing a name w/ a pig tho. lol!
Did you hear in the news yesterday about some woman who had a brain parasite that she got from pork? Such a good reason to be raising your own!!!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

The pigs are so cute:) My dogs are messing up our grass from running real fast then turning the corner. I told my husband to quit stressing they are just tilling it and we can put down grass seeds down. Thats sounds like what the pigs are doing. I have an award for you on my post today.

Jennifer said...

Nice looking pigs! The price of grain has gone up so much the last few years, any ideas to cut costs on grain is a good thing. We recently fenced off more pasture for the goats because I knew with the cost of grain and hay even with the cost of new fence we would end up saving money in the long run.

I tagged you for a Meme on my blog. You can read about it there. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Juri said...

I found your blog and have just had such a great morning cup of coffee reading some of your posts (will go back and read more)....I did not want to be a "lurker", so I thought I would leave you a note...great blog!


Evelyn said...

In addition to the parasite in the pork story... Now there's a new case of suspected Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in Amarillo! (CJD in humans is the same as BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) or Mad Cow in cattle.)
Rumors linking mad cow disease and Amarillo stung national cattle markets this week.

I'm soooo glad we grow our own! Even Whole Foods & other "health food" stores aren't a safe place to buy meat!