Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Baby #3!!

Its a little heifer!! From Daisy the one we want to milk. I really need to start listening to my little voice because I looked at her the day before and thought Hmmmm I think she looks like she had dropped but I was like nooo I thought that 2 months ago... Well last night on my way to town I saw her behind the barn cleaning the baby up.. I thought Yeah she did have a baby.. I went on to town.. Thought I would leave her be.. Well then it started raining nothing hard just a light cold rain!!

We got home from 4H and I went to check on them and momma was getting a little stressed and baby was laying at an odd angle!! Apparently it had gotten up and tripped over a log and went down. It wasn't moving much and was soaked and shivering at 5 hours old. So I panicked a bit but didn't want to scoop up baby and run, we would have had a mad momma!! So We slowly coaxed momma to the back door of the barn with Kyle holding baby and me holding the bucket.. She didn't ever really get to upset at us which is good! We had a light up in the barn so we could see and the goats were gathering..lol We got her in and laid the baby down and she snuggled up to her and started licking her pretty rough and getting her dry.

Its hard to leave them alone sometimes but I have learned sometimes that's the best thing to do!! This morning went down to check and they had moved farther into the barn in a pile of bedding and baby was dry and sleeping. She has allowed us to pet the baby for a few minutes and then she lets us know enough is enough.. lol But she is fairly calm though. Baby is a little shaky compared to the other 2 but its was better weather when they were born.


Evelyn said...

So, mama is about... what 44" high at the withers? That makes baby about 20"-22" tall? She's so cute. You can be milking her in 18mos as well! Start handling her now for it! Remember, Dexters are precocious.
Let us know when you decide on a name. I don't remember what the other 2 are. I think the 2nd is Meatloaf? That would make the 1st Hamburger?

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Did you already use milkshake? Does the mom have horns, it looks that way in the picture?