Monday, November 24, 2008

I WON!!!

Okay lol Now you are wondering what I won!!!
I won a $100 gift certificate to / !!
I dont usually win stuff Especially not $100 worth! I was so excited!! LOL Kyle just said Ahhh thats just right up your alley.... And then "Merry Christmas Babe"!!! LOL
Now I am looking and thinking Sooooo many books!!! How will I ever decide!! I will let you all know what I decided on as soon as I know!!! Lol


Evelyn said...

That's GREAT!!!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thats awesome!!!

tree ocean said...

oh, that will be hard to choose! Congratulations!

Evelyn said...

Thought it'd be nice to post the B40 note:

Earlier this week we chose the winner of our conference attendee drawing for $100 worth of BACK 40 BOOKS....

And the winner was Tonia, a farmer from Missouri. She said, "Oh WOW, you have just made my day!! Thank YOU!!"

Tonia proceeded to have fun picking out some books she's been wanting for a while. We're happy that she's our winner and just know she'll enjoy all her new books.
Happy reading Tonia!