Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eeeeeewwww Yuck Flakey White Stuff!!

I was not quite ready for this! It started snowing some last night.

Just little flakes then this by 7pm tonight. If it didn't get dark so early it wouldn't be so bad!! I would never make it living farther north!! I would go crazy from cabin fever! LOL
SO anyway we got out to get ready for the cold have the well house all insulated and ready. Then we move on to putting out hay..... Tractor's Block heater wasn't working!! the tractor wouldn't start! So we go to get the part(by now its dark!) and its a Special Order!!! Soooooo We did something I do NOT recommend except in Dire circumstances... We hooked come-alongs and chains and pulled one very Large hay bale off of the top of the stack and rolled it ever so gracefully into the back of the truck! It tipped and went sideways!!! But it was in there ! Then we took it to the barn and pulled it out of the back of the truck the same way pretty much. The goats and sheep have hay and I threw some to the cows and their babies as they were staring at me through the panel looking soooo Hungry!

We got all the animals settled and I am now 50lbs lighter then when I went outside... Nope not a new diet just shed the clothes to keep me from freezing!! To go out and keep everything tolerable it takes a fair amount of clothing. We all have rubber boots. The girls don't have the insulated ones because they are still growing and wear insulated socks with them. Then we have leggings and then sweat pants and a skirt over it all. It blocks the wind. Then we have a long sleeved shirt and usually a hoodie plus a hat. With something to cover our chins. About the only thing you can see of our face is our eyes and nose and we cover our noses sometimes when its real cold.. Then we have a coat to cover it all. I usually wear latex gloves under my work gloves to keep my hands from getting wet because that makes me cold quicker then anything. I also make sure I put lotion or something on my face before I go out too. Because I get wind burn so easy!! SO its layers up on layers!!! Hence the 50lbs!LOL It takes about 20 minutes just to get ready to go out. Okay I will quit whining about it now and post a pic of our older dogs!

They are kind of camera shy! I have to turn it on behind me and then take their pic. If they see me turn it on they get up and walk away which is exactly what they are doing in this pic!!! Sam is the first one and Dinah is behind the gate. She still looks a little rough due to the trimming she had. The little ones are cute and have lots of personality! I think they will be good dogs!

Good Night Everyone!!


tree ocean said...

you had more snow than we did!:P

Evelyn said...

That white stuff looks just toooo cold! But, it's December already... I guess I could deal w/ no snow till December! Grass looks like there's still some grazing left. It's just amazing to see that fence line (in the dog pix) so clear! Usually a bunch of brambles!
What about the pigs??? No piggy pix! How do they like the snow?