Friday, November 14, 2008

Do I Ever Get A Pajama Day????

This is in response to a comment.... Yes i do occasionally.. After everyone is taken care of outside. Or if I go outside in my pajamas!! LOL
But no seriously one of the things with farming is there is rarely a break from the everyday. Animals depend on us for everything. If we are keeping them in pens and they arent wild we have to make sure all needs are met. One of the reasons its been so busy right now is we are heading into winter months and everyone needs to be situated before the cold so they have most protection from the elements but still able to get out.
Since things are really just getting started here they need a little(maybe alot) of tweaking. Another thing is at first we had no way to separate intact males from the females so we have no real due dates so its basically hey she looks pregnant.! But we are now set up to keep them separate so we can get on a schedule and get things under control here.
The thing with farming is there are times of little activity and then times of crunched for time,SLEEP, or just time... lol I really think if you are going to be successful at farming you have to have a love for it and be willing to try some new stuff but also look to some of the way things were done 60+ years ago..
Some people think it may be easy money because you buy a few animals and raise them and sell babies for profit..As soon as they hit a roof spot they are out! But true farming to me covers everything.. Animals, gardens,God, pasture, education, work ethic, and family life.
I have been around some type of farming all my life and seen the good and bad of it. The ones in it for the $$ and the ones who truly love it.. The ones that usually make it love it and the ones that don't well obviously didn't love it.... There is a lot of variables of in between those.
Farms can be big and little! Land is expensive and so if you have 5-20 acres you can still have some kind of farm and make a little and be self sustaining on that much land. Some do it on even less then 5 acres. All you have to do is google the different types of farming and find all kinds of stories!! Yep I got all that from "Do I ever get a Pajama day??" lol

Now on to my eventful day yesterday!!! The pigs decided to take a day trip.... To the neighbors house!!! They had crossed a fairly busy road and went up the hill to see what they could see!!! So we got over there with a bucket and they followed us back and by the time we got them up to the house they were walking very slow. lol Their trip wore them out! So now they are in their very own customized pen of electric fencing!! lol They didn't find out it shocks till this morning. And they are staying well away from it!! Its even keeping the little squirt in!! He usually squeezes right through those bars..
They had pushed under a fence and wondered around the yard some and then took their little trip!! How can you not love that little face looking so innocent!!! They had found mud some where between here and there too!! Just had them a hay day!! lol They are being good kind of like kids after mom and dad have laid down the law they are good for a few days till they figure out a new way to go around the rules!! It was one heck of a day yestersday!! I was glad to get to bed last night! I will have to get a pic of the pigs in their new pen. They have been happily rooting around all morning! They are Great tillers.


tree ocean said...

hee hee cute story-but, were you in your pj's when you went pig chasing?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

Lol No thank goodness I wasnt in my Pj's when the call came!! Has happened though!! LOL

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Wilbur?? He is so cute but tastes so yummy:( Thats is so funny that the pigs went on an adventure. They know whats up and they were trying to go AWOL, naughty pigs. I usually only get half day pajama days, On a farm if you dont feel good and want to stay in bed you have no choice. I guess thats the same with being a mom. I have to get up and tend to the kids and the 2 dogs and three cats even if Im sick. My hubby is a truck driver and gone 4 to 5 weeks at a time so I am pretty much a single parent. i dont know how this is relevant Im just chatty today. have a wonderful weekend Tonia:)

Evelyn said...

Sounds like you all had quite an adventure! Naughty pigs! I hadn't realized that the little guy was SO much littler! I thought he'd stand an inch or 2 less. To think, he'll end up to be the biggest of them all.
Things will get easier, when the rotations are worked out. It's a rush now, but soon you'll be stuck inside & itching to spend more time outside.