Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Busy Day

Winter is around the corner and we are trying to get everyone settled somewhere some way... The chickens have been my biggest concern because the chix mobile will take longer then I thought and with Deer season next weekend that take that weekend to work on it.

Sooo today we took a break from homeschooling and got the chickens ready for the real cold.. I moved them to the barn. I took the big red panels and set them up in the corner. It gives them plenty of roosting space. The little banties that don't fly much will probably stay put but everyone else will be free to roam the barn and surrounding area. I put their food closer to the back wall so the goats and sheep cant get close enough to really know what it is.. I also hung it up It stays cleaner that way!! I also have a small feeder for the silkies and banties. And believe it or not they are the main ones that use that feeder too!!
I also took 2X4 wire around the bottom to keep big and little goats/sheep out. Its almost two panels long and one wide. We moved half of them today the ones we could catch and then waited for this evening and when we got home tonight caught the rest off the roost and took them down. Caused quite the stir with the sheep and goats. Lol. The ones we took down earlier had already scratched around there and turned up that corner. I will be happy for them to get out in the rest of it. I know last year in my little barn they kept it turned up quite a bit. It doesn't get as wet either it seems like...Such pretty little composters!!!
Here are the 2 older calves they were playing when we were out in the field the other day. They are soooo cute!!
Our newest little baby is doing okay she had kind of a rough start due to the cold rain. But she was trying to jump around this morning. It was so cute she is very curious about us more so then the others. She doesn't mind if we walk up and pet her. I try to keep momma busy with a few treats so she doesn't worry over much! lol We have decided her name is Velvet.
I have 2 goats that are getting close to due dates. One has a udder and has a little stuff showing on her back end. But her muscles haven't started relaxing yet. The other her muscles have started to relax and she is getting an udder too. I have another goat that is having some stuff from her back end and she is a little heavier but I am not sure yet what is up with her. If she is getting close or what. I am keeping an eye on her though. The sheep are all faking it!! lol They show these little udders and wide bellies but no babies!! I am sure it will be a little busy here before to long with all of them!!

Just a pretty sky picture!! I took it when we were out in the field right after I took the above calf pic!! That's all I have heading to bed now!! 6:30 comes early!!!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Living on a farm seems like constant hard work, do you ever get a lazy pajama day of just rest

Evelyn said...

Those are such cute babies! I'd love to be there to see them play!
I so much wish I was there. I miss the work & get to many days of lazing around working on the computer!