Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why we do what we do...

There are so many reasons to do what we do here at the farm. But the main reason I got into milking goats and other animals is this.

My youngest DD was Diagnosed several years ago with Hashimotos Disease. Which is basically an under active thyroid. She was only 7. I had already tried to eat as much organic as possible. I tried the soy milk and all that stuff till I started reading more about it. A little soy is okay but to much hampers thyroid processes. And if you read ingredients you will see its in just about anything.. About this time my mom started looking into goats. She got a few and the next year we started drinking goats milk raw.. The milk in the stores has been processed till there is not much good left.. They take most of the good stuff out (what they haven't cooked out in the pasteurization) then they put back with chemicals. The Vitamin D they put in store bought milk is actually a poison type stuff.. Not a natural vitamin. Check out I don't say no to cows milk!! Goats are easier and cheaper to get started in I will eventually have raw cows milk too..

Also with soy children as young as 3 were starting puberty and it was causing men to develop breast and other things because of the high estrogen content.. I cant remember the site that I found the info.. The doctor told a friend of mine that girls normal age for puberty is Now 9 yrs old where it use to be 11 yrs old.. The longer it is before they start puberty the healthier it is.. Boys or girls...

So fast forward a few years.. My middle girl has just recently been diagnosed with the same as her twins sister they have small goiters and hashimotos. I really think the reason it took longer for one to develop it is because of the change in our diet..

Now I am not saying we produce all we eat or we never eat out... We eat Mickey D's occasional and have a candy bars too. Soda on occasion.. But I try to make the bulk of our diet good stuff.. Its taken several years to get to the point we are at.. I haven't pushed the garden much because I was trying to get the livestock going. There are various farmers markets and farms to buy from too..

Now we have moved to this farm and are managing for a friend which is Evelyn who post comments occasionally. Its is certified naturally grown. We use no chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. Antibiotics and chemical dewormers on rare cases. We try to use Holistic/Natural Alternatives methods first.

Pastured is best for anything.. Some of it is extensive though and takes more time then some of us have. But we can all do small things.. Like support local farmers or farmers market.

Here are some of the websites I use for different things.

We do care for all our animals to the best of our ability. There is a lot of learning to be done.. Everything is given a good life on the farm and when it comes time, a humane death. We do have pets and not all are for meat. We use some for eggs and some for milk.. On this farm as of right now. We have Dexter cattle for meat and milk. We have goats for milk and meat. Various breeds!! Chickens for insect control, meat and eggs. Some for entertainment!! Hogs for tilling the garden and meat. Sheep for meat. Rabbits- small ones for pets and big ones for meat. Ducks for insect control, eggs and meat. Horses well they are here for entertainment. We have livestock guardian dogs for protection from predators.. But they seem to like the eggs too!! Brats! We have 2 house dogs and various cats around the place.. Little rescue boy cat is outside I cant handle cats in the house for very long!! Anyways that is about us.. Everything I can think of right now.. I am sure as soon I publish I will remember something else!!


tree ocean said...

oh LGD=livestock guard dogs! LOL.

I think it is great what you do. HOme raised is much better-I just get too attached to mine to eat them. I have another friend who also names her ones to be eaten food names and says that helps...We have one goat here the kids don't like and wouldn't cry to see him go to slaughter, but they probably wouldn't knowingly eat his meat. I think if I had someone close by with the same scenario we could just trade and eat each other's LOL. PS homegrown beef is the best!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Oh my gosh, I didnt know that about milk. I decided last night to try and stop eating red meat. I love bacon to much to give that up. My attempt I'm sure wont last very long. And on the young girls starting puberty, my daughter is eight and I called my mom a few months ago and asked if it's normal for her to appear to be developing breast. My mom said it's because of whats put into the foods. I dont want my daughter growing up any faster than she should. and I just wanted to say that even though I was raised in Sacramento, CA for 28 years, I dont like the city, it's to fast paced and to congested. My husband is a truck driver and when he comes home sfter 4 weeks on the road, he wants good home cooked meals and our freezer is full of meat from costco so I have to finish that before we look into buying from a local farm. I did go to that site last night and was hooked. I found all kinds of stuff to order. From jams to herbal flea collars. Thanks for all your insight:))

Anonymous said...

Intersting stuff but we don't do raw milk though, we never have done raw milk though.

Tonia said...

The only thing about pasturizing milk is it kills the good bacteria with the bad but if everything is kept clean then you dont have the bad bacteria in uncontrollable amounts. It also kills the enzymes which we are seriously lacking in our diets today. Because when you cook foods it kills the enzymes. The enzymes help us in so many ways you have less allergies and helps you absorb more good from your food. It helps with ulcers too.. We have always drank our fresh milk raw and its very good.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Do you live in the Ozark mountains. I just had tea sent to me from a lady in Ozark,MO. The teas are supposed to help with bad period cramps. me and my kids both just started taking vitamins. I skipped all meat today:)

Evelyn said...

Mrs. Ruiz,
Please don't skip meat. Just eat healthy, well treated meat. One thing you can do is start buying the good food now & eat it at the same time you're going thru the old meat. That way... you'll water down the badness of the old meat.
You can grow your own teas. I have several mints & lemon balm growing in my garden in Los Angeles.
My daughter could have posed for Playboy when she was 12! Can you say I freaked! I'm in debt up to my eyeballs to get the farm set up so I'll have meat to give them. I traded their father for an entire freezer of meat & put it all down the garbage disposer as soon as I got home.
Remember, the animals are counting on you to provide a market, so your local farmer finds a reason to keep growing them. And, remember... when you do go looking for a farmer... be sure that you see how those animals live. The farmer will likely not have the time to give you a farm tour, they have work to do. But, you should be able to see the animals out on the pasture. You don't want them living in a barn. Barns are dirty, dismal places. They aren't a natural place for animals to live.
Talk to the farmer about how he kills the animal. On Our Farm, we have the killer come out to the farm. We go to the animal in the pasture. We give them their favorite treat & let their last thought be one of great happiness. We are friends w/ our animals & we can get very close for a good clean shot. I know that might sound strange, that we are friends & can shoot them. But, remember, our animals trust us to treat them the best that we are capable of. That means that we are obligated to ensure the best death. Taking them off in a trailer, to a place they don't know w/ strange food w/ strange people is not a good death. A side effect is that it taints the meat. There are some who will tell you that they let the animal 'rest' over night & feed them so they can calm down first. But, it takes 3 weeks to clear the epinephrine from their system. The meat will still be tainted and they will still die cold, lonely and alone, in a strange place. I could never let that happen to any of my animals, they trust me. The animals that are 'processed' in terror at the USDA facilities (so they can be sold at Costco) are so much worse off.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

Those are some great links (Fias Co. has always been one of my favorites)

Thanks for sharing them and I'll check out the others more later.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Evelyn, you are going to turn me into a Vegan. How come this meat doesn't make my breast grow?:)) I applaud you for what you do but I could never do that. I would have to be emotionaly distant from the animal. My daughters hamster became ill and I had to take her to be put to sleep. I was a sobbing mess, crying like a little kid. When I eat meat I think about the animal and cant eat anymore. I cant stop thinking how horrible these animals are treated. I see the cow and chicken trucks on the highway and at truck stops, they look scared, sad and they stink. The easy way out in life is to ignore the issues. thats why I applaud and respect you ladies for doing something about it.

Hi Tonia, I added you to my friends list hope you dont mind

Evelyn said...

Mrs. Ruiz,
I'd rather see you as a Vegan than eating commercial meat. Neither are healthy diets, but the commercial meat path takes innocent animals down that path with you. The Vegan diet plays into the hands of PETA, they want you to not have a use for animals. That way they can get rid of them. PETA is for the extermination of animals. They kill all the animals they can get their hands on. But, that's for a whole different post! I could go on about how horrible PETA is, just as I could go on about how horrible the commercial meat business is!!!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Evelyn, I was kidding about becoming vegan. I'm eating italian sausage tonight in my pasta. I cant stand PETA, you dont have to tell me about them. Tonia, Do you have the option of pumping your own gas?

Evelyn said...

Mrs. (we are on a 1st name basis, right?)
Glad to hear that you're kidding. Also glad to hear that you know about PETA. :)