Monday, October 6, 2008

Still no sign of the lamb..

We have beat the bushes trying to find him! The momma wont leave the other one for sure. Everytime she goes to move she noses him to make him get up and go with her. So unless something was really after them I don't see her leaving him behind.

The pic is the one left. He gets NO attention!! LOL Momma isnt sure about us holding her baby but she allows it and has even come up and sniffed of the baby why we are holding him. Cute little bugger!


tree ocean said...

I don't know about sheep, but with a goat baby they sure do yell for momma-maybe not so young, though. ONe thought-have your dogs get a good sniff of the remaining baby and them tell them to "find it"-still, with night coming on the scent will be getting cold by now.
Hope it wasn't a predator. :(

Evelyn, it is with the engine running in park-I guess the danger might be adding too much if the fluid is down in the pan with the engine off.

Anonymous said...

Lambs sometimes call for their mommas too, poor little baby!

Evelyn said...

Poor baby lamb! But, that's part of raising animals! I do lament the loss of the meat! I wish I had handled the other lambs as much when they were little. But, the sheep had just come to the farm less than 2 weeks before they started having babies & I didn't want to stress them out sooooo much! The Katahdins had their babies before the St. Croix even got to the farm.
I am glad to see this one getting so handled! Maybe it'll calm Mama down some, but being as she's a Blackbelly, maybe not! lol
I just got back from the trip last night & was so tired & sick! Had to take meat to my kids. Didn't want to put it in my freezer then unload it and take it a day later. Then, I had a really good nights sleep, haven't had many of those lately! I was WARM!!! We went thru the desert w/ the vent blowing the coldest air it could... toooooooo cold. But, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! I'll take a few days to get well & then eat some of the lamb I brought back.... that lamb is sooooo good! All else will fade away! More sheep, fewer meat goats! :) (I do still like goat milk, so we need those!)
Now, I'm going to read the rest of the blog... how're the new ducks doing?