Friday, October 31, 2008

So here are more pictures and not of the calves or ducks!lol There is the lamb that was born earlier this month. He is growing good.

This is the sheep and the goats all together.. We went looking for them yesterday afternoon and they were having a afternoon nap under a shade tree.. The goat and sheep buck were right in the middle and the goats were on one side and the sheep on the other.

Then here is our little boar he is growing. You can never see his eyes because of his ears!!
Here is what they have done to a lot filled with weeds over our heads!! It took about 2 months and they ate it down and rooted it up... They have been let out to other places to eat but they go back here at night and have a bale of junk hay to munch on and they bed down in it some.
Have a good day!


Evelyn said...

Great pix!
The sheep sure look like they're on a mission to go somewhere! The pigs have done quite the job on that corral as well! From over your heads to bare dirt in 2 months! Course, now you're gonna have to worry about erosion of the dirt. There's no free lunch! There must be some way to stop the soil in the corral from eroding. Maybe terrace it some? Or lay some boards horizontal to the water flow.
That's a a really great pix of the goats/sheep taking a break up under that tree! I'm glad the sheep not being snobs anymore, they're safer together!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love the brown sheep!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

tree ocean said...

Great pix! Glad you pointed out that was a pig ear! LOL. I thought it was mark on his face at first. I especially loved the top frost photo last post!