Friday, October 24, 2008

Pile Of Pigs!!! and a few others around here....

It was very cool this morning! So this is what I saw when I looked out this morning!! When I opened the door the ears popped up!! LOL They were dreaming of buckets overflowing with treats I am sure!!lol They have gotten lots of hair in the last week! All the animals are getting fuzzy!!

I don't think I have posted many chicken pictures... So here are a few.. First is my Light Brahma Roo. He is a year and half old now.. He is the biggest sweetest feller!!lol He has never been aggressive in the least bit. I have 5 light Brahma hens also.

Next is a little banty hen we first thought was a rooster because she had such big comb for such a little chicken But she lays eggs and talks back to us!! She is so funny she also allows us to pick her up and carry her around. She is a little bald right now though thanks to over attentive roosters!! But it will grow back!
Then there is a little wild girl... She is an Americuana banty. Cute as a button!! But she watches us like she is afraid of us! Or she is a bit sassy! lol She should make a good momma though! That is an Australorp hen standing next her. The Australorps lay pretty dark brown freckled eggs!!

And last but not least little Sirloin he was trying to check out the little roo. But it would have nothing to do with him..


tree ocean said...

Those piggies have grown a lot! Pretty chickens! I have always been drawn to the Australops and what the rooster is in the poultry catalog! Maybe this year I will order some. What I have were obtained locally.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

Evelyn said...

Sirloin is a good looking boy! Not a long cannon bone (as he should have) & nice straight back. Looks like he's pretty good sized as well! But you say it's a 'little roo'? Maybe that's why he looks so big! He should be about the same size as the dogs?
Pigs are looking good as well & I are so sleek! lol Do you think the pigs have enough fat on them to keep them warm in the winter? Staying in a pile w/ help tho!
Might be shallow of me, but I like blogs w/ lots-o-pix!!! :)