Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happenings Around Here...

The top pic is of all the goats and sheep waking up in the morning.. They all sleep together now. And they spend most of the day in the same area too... I got most of them in the pic but I couldn't quite get it wide enough.. I was trying to take it from the front door because if I had went out to the gate to where I would have gotten a better pic they would have all gotten up and come to the gate...
We have been busy .... Okay I don't ever have much time really always something to do!! But this last week I went to Columbia twice in one week... The farthest I usually go is town.. less then a mile away!! Columbia is at least 2 hours away.. But Saturday I went to a 4H Project Leader Forum.. While I don't agree with everything in 4H I do believe its a good program with good intentions. Anyways Of course I took the goat project class since I do lead the goat project now.. One of the guys that spoke in that class runs the USDA buying station in southern Missouri.. About 3 years ago after struggling for several years with parasite overloads they started heavy culling for parasite problems.. They started with 1100 Boer does and ended with 100. I was like I cant even imagine that many just does!!! That's not counting the kids or bucks!!! But they have gotten chemical worming down to 3 times a year.. For an operation that large I think that's good... He did say to that the ones that are so good can be traced back to the same 5 matriarchal lines. He had a lot more to say but that is the thing that stood out the most to me..
While I was typing this the goats got out!!! But they have been real good and will follow us just about anywhere with a little coaxing.

We also had a miscarriage scare. My one big white doe Gina that some one gave to me last spring because they didn't know anything about goats and should be pregnant. My oldest DD came in said she was peeing blood but it was watery... But then I got to noticing that all the goats had purple stains on them.... They had been in a different part of the woods and been into the poke berries!!! She was acting fine and everything else was fine too... SO I think she just had to many poke berries and it colored her pee.. If she was bred by my Nubian buck she is due in another week or so. but if she was bred when I moved her here then she isn't due till middle of November.I did feel babies moving too. I had to push pretty hard but I felt them!! SO she is getting close. But her ligaments are just now starting to soften but just barely. But she is almost 4 yrs old so she could do all this over night!!

Well I am off to get ready for the rain we are suppose to get. Its now cold enough to keep the fire going all day most days and with the wet weather headed our way I have to get the wood covered so its not to wet to burn!! Have a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy! Sorry about the miscarriage though.

Evelyn said...

Great pix of them! That's a great pix on the header too. How tall are those white flowers? Are they 6-7ft (Hemlock) or more like 3ft (QAL)?
Glad Gina didn't miscarry, I know that would have really hurt! I think culling is the key to bring back parasite resistance in the Boer. I know the genetics have got to be in there somewhere! When they were first brought to this country, one of their most marvalous features was their increadable parasite resistance, along w/ the very rapid rate of growth for the babies. But, alas, they were priced so high that every ewe was bred & no baby could be allowed to die. So, now it's time to cull & cull hard. I believe that we have to try to keep the size & growth but cull hard for the parasite resistance. We can get it back, but it would have been so much easier not to have lost it!
It's the same for sheep. St. Croix are so increadably resistant. The Katahdin started that way, but went by the wayside quickly in favor of size. We can cross (to St. Croix) & cull to get it back.
It looks like it's a beautiful time of year back there. Can you keep a small supply of wood in the garage or mud room, so you don't have to get wet when you go for it? Just enough to get you thru the rain?
I've been wondering why you weren't posting! Have a good week! How are the pigs, wabbits & 2 babies?

Tonia said...

In the pic its Queen Annes lace shorter stuff and blackeyed susans. Its from a drive.
Little Pig is wandering the farm!!! He found the others and is fitting under the fence!! He thinks he rules the roost.. or barn yard...LOL Other babies are doing good too. Gina did not have a miscarriage she is fine and no more colored pee!! I think it was just the berries!! They all have stains on them!!

tree ocean said...

I never thought about some breeds being more resistent to parasites. I am slack about my worming here with my few and need to do a fall one soon! Thanks for the reminder!

LOL @ pokeberry pee. Sometimes in the winter I noticed really reddish pee on the snow. Boss said it was not enough water, but it seemed to happen when I bought a few bales of hay from a different farm.

The last doe to kid this spring at the farm-I checked her ligiments and predicted she would go anyday and I swear she went three more weeks! She was overdue according to Boss's figures, too. She was soooo huge (she was fat before breeding anyhow)and had triplets.

Awesome pics!

Peggy said...

So glad there wasn't a miscarriage! Our kidding will start in January unless the buck that got out when the neighbors cut trees on the fence bred some does. I am hoping not as I like to know the due dates as close as possible. I move them near the house and use a baby monitor.. yeah I am a crazy goat lady. LOL