Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What A Day....

It wasn't real eventful yesterday till Kyle came home and had a small hole in his truck window!! Apparently when a rock about 2 inches wide comes flinging out of a semi tire at 60mph it makes a hole.... Huh? Who knew! then he was cleaning up some limbs in the yard and had a stack of wood started and drove a couple fence post to keep the stack and wouldn't you know it hit the phone line!!! He doesn't know yet!! He tried everything but couldn't figure out where the dial tone had went!!LOL Well The phone man found it today!! Fortunately it doesn't cost us! I am back online so I am happy!

The ducks have been making themselves at home.. They have grown quite a bit.. Since we didn't get them small they are real skittish though. I want some smaller ones that we can handle and make a little more tame.
Then to top off everything the pigs and dogs didn't eat all of the remains from processing the sheep and goats... SO we got to haul it off last night!!! I don't have a weak stomach!!But that was almost more then I could handle!! It had only been there 2 days! But oh my!!! I am heading out to take Dinah to get spayed wish me luck on getting her loaded!!!

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tree ocean said...

What a day! Hope the rest of the week goes better!