Monday, September 1, 2008

We Have Muscovies!!!

We finally have some Muscovies. I went and got all the lady had for sale this morning which was 4. She said she thought there was 1 drake and 3 ducks but wouldn't guarantee it. She also had another duck setting and will email me when they hatch. I was real happy with where we got them from. It was a nice Clean place. We have 2 blue colored and 2 black ones. I like the colored ones best even though I would like a few white ones.
They all four are piling into the same water pan! It was funny they went right for it and piled in and looked at me like Now you cant get me!! This is the one she thought was a drake he has more red around the bill and is a little bigger then the rest. I love the black and green feathers!!


Evelyn said...

Do they go near the pond?

How did your family fare w/ Gus?

Anonymous said...

They look familiar! Muscovies don't really need a pond though since they only need 4 inches of water to cover their head though, we have rubber dishes every where for the ducks and they drink from the goat buckets too, we have Muscovies here.

Tonia said...

They are still young and the plan is for them to be around the pond. And else where for fly and bug control.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you one thing they have flown over our fence before though and they make their own ponds too.