Thursday, September 11, 2008


Caspian is doing better I started to worry about him yesterday when he got back in the corner and wouldn't eat or anything. But about 2 hours later he came out and started grazing. He is being very vocal too!! I think he is doing good but still got a bit of recovery to do.

You know those cows that their udders were growing and Seemed to be getting bigger... They aren't right now. It has seemed to come to a stand still. They are teasing us!!!

We are also in the path of a projected rain fall of at least 6 inches!!! Some places will get 12+!!! Wow!! This is the little picture they have for now till Monday!! Oh Yeah!!! If its raining like this when the leaves start to turn the will fall in record time.

I like the looks of our fields too!! They aren't so uniform and lots of different things for them to eat.. I also like the sheep they are different in actions from the goats. They seem to have alot in common but when it come to behavior they are totally different. goats are Very independent!! They want to go where they want too!! Sheep you get them going in one direction they usually go in the same direction with very few rebelling! Goats- one rebels they all follow but run in as many directions as there are goats!!!

Got to get going. I am painting my Sunday school classroom today! I have only put it off for months and I have help today so I better get it done while I have it!!! Have a good day all!


Evelyn said...

Rotten cows... such teases!
Too bad all this rain is coming when it won't help anything grow. It's not warm enough. Looking at the larger weather map, it looks like the moisture you're getting now is from Lowell, down by Baja. That's a really long line of clouds!

I looked the Midwest up in the farmers almanac.
zone 4 Sept:
1-3 Showers N.Dak south to Neb. 4-7 Pleasant conditions then squalls for Montana south to Colorado & east thru the plains states.
8-11 Fair skies.
12-15 Pleasant initially then showers for the Rockies thru the plains states east, especially CO & KS. (Is this how we class Ike? 'showers' lol!)
16-19 Pleasant then turning stormy over WY w/ some snow possible in higher elevations.
20-23 Stormy over the plains
24-27 Fair, cold weather gives way to unsettled weather spreading east thru Nebraska & Dakotas.
28-30 Clearing & cold weather.

tree ocean said...

That sounds like a horror show with the goat horn! Boss had a buck break a horn and the vet duct taped it, and she kept him separate for several weeks. I guess it was hanging broken, bleeding-I didn't see it. After all that, he went to slaughter later, since his fiber was not that great.

And she warned me about the welded wire not being sturdy enough. She buys woven wire-each join is knotted. I argued it was cheaper to double up the welded wire than buy the woven (80 per roll vs nearly 200)-and she shrugged. Trouble is, you have to patch it when it is not always convenient!

With a hole like that, I would cut two patches and put one on either side, and twist the broken wires through both. Usually works. if all else fails, run a hot line at butting level. (evil chuckle)

Just be careful, as I have had quite the shock when the hot line shorts out on the fence! The whole fence will take the charge! Yikes!

That is so true about goats! I gave up taking mine out, as they would go where I didn't want them, and I would be chasing one and another would go...

I hope you don't get that heavy rain!!!