Sunday, September 7, 2008

This & That

Bud the Great Pyrenees is being Good! Yeah!! He tried to help me catch the loose duck yesterday too. I was moving the ducks to a new spot trying to get them closer to the pond. Well one slipped away from me. He mixed in with all the roosters and Bud kept an eye on him and was helping me round him up!! I caught the duck and he lost all interest in the ducks!! It was rather neat to watch.. He hasn't tried to chase anyone and but he does occasionally head them off somewhere else. I think after a rocky start he will do good!

Still no babies from anyone!! even though some cow udders are getting bigger and some sheep have udders! So we got to have something soon!! I told the girls we could just start squeezing them But I don't think they will put up with that!!!LOL

We have a reg. Red Wattle Boar headed this way soon. He is only a month old right now But we will use him for breeding one of the gilts we have here and will be getting a reg. gilt/sow eventually! These guys are a little different then some of the more common hogs. They are rather cute with their wattles too. They have funny personalities too! The 3 we have are already growing!!!

In November we are going to the Small Farm Tradeshow in Columbia. I think it will be very interesting and we will learn alot! I will have to take some more pictures tomorrow! I am afraid I have no new ones!! Yikes I am slacking here!!!


Evelyn said...

Good for Sam!!!

Good for the ducks!!

Good for everyone!!
(Except the cows & ewes... they need to spit those babies out!)

Anonymous said...

Cute dirty pup!